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Changed into an Asian Schoolgirl Mike, A Redneck Killer On Death Row, Is Offered A Most Unusual Deal In Exchange For His Freedom He Undergoes An Experimental Procedure That Transforms Him Into A Gorgeous Year Old Asian Girl, And He Becomes A Student At A Special College Called The Dove S Nest Now Mike Is Michelle, A Racist Criminal Trapped In The Body Of A Sexy Asian Schoolgirl But Mike S Body Isn T All That S Changed Will The Dove S Nest Make This Big, Bad Man Into A Good Girl Find Out In Mindi Flyth S Latest Dark, Erotic Tale Of Transgender Transformation

About the Author: Mindi Flyth

Mindi Flyth creates dark, erotic tales of magical and sci fi transformation, usually featuring transgender themes Mindi s erotica features transformations described in such vivid detail that you can almost feel them happening to you You ll viscerally experience all the terror, confusion and guilty pleasure of your body changing, of everything you know being stripped away, leaving you to start li

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