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Champs of Devgarh In Devgarh, A Fictional Town, The Boys Of The Star Eleven Cricket Team Are The Good And Bad Boys Of The Holy Mission School Captained By Ajay But Led By Aakash, The Team, Both Individually And Together, Get Into All Kinds Of Scrapes With Only One Goal In Sight Being The Best Cricketing School Side In Devgarh Follow Their Capers As They Go Through A Gamut Of Experiences, From Learning The Value Of Money And Honesty To First Love, Examination Blues, And Victory And Defeat Full Of Action And Fun, This Hugely Exciting Story Of Friendship And Rivalry Maps The Pleasures And Perils Of Life In A Small Town

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    Here s a YA offering revolving around a subject that obsesses young and old alike in our country the game of cricket The story of an underdog cricket team who call themselves the S

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    I picked this up when I was 12 years old because the author had the same name as me But little did I know that I was going to be delighted by this book I ended up enjoying this book thorough

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    Truly a nostalgic trip down the memory lane of school days

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    On the cover and title They do not tend to fudge the simpleness of story They give immediate visual perception and a glimpse of the story On story It is a simple little story about ordinary boys of Devgarh with

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    It is one of those few unputdownable books that I have come across and have read it fairly quickly as compared to my other books Aditya has beautifully captured the emotions and turbulence of growing phase of life With c

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    The book is written in a simple language, which reflects that author wants to cater to young sports esp cricket loving youth.The book picks up pace slowly It has numerous incidents which depict the life of common man and problems

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    Aditya Sharma s Champs of Devgarh took me back to Ruskin Bonds Road to the Bazaar It had a similar earthiness to it, replete with small town characters with simple aspirations The book is a pleasant read and gives you an enjoyable insight i

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    The book maintains its pace throughout not just in the story topic but the way the story was narrated The plot of the story is good I would say it s a must read for the readers who want to relive their teen life I am really looking forward to reading

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