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Cavanaugh Rules / Cavanaugh Reunion (Cavanaugh Justice, #22 & 19) Cavanaugh Rules Cavanaugh Reunion Cavanaugh Justice, 22 19 Free Author Marie Ferrarella Bogou.us On The Heels Of Losing Her Fianc , Kendra Cavelli Doesn T Want Another Partner, Especially Not One As Sinfully Handsome As Detective Matt Abilene.She Has Enough Troubles With Her Family S Latest Secret, Which Calls Her Whole Identity Into Question.Is She A Cavelli Or A Cavanaugh But She Can T Ignore The Man Looking Over Her Shoulder During A Grizzly Crime Scene Or How He Makes Her Feel As She And Matt Work To Solve A Baffling Homicide, Kendra Learns The Self Confessed Loner Is As Commitment Wary As She And These Two Wrongs Make For A Sizzling Attraction That Feels Oh So Right.

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    Very good book Kendra didn t really want a new partner, but she knew she had no choice His good looks and charm were something she saw as a negative, especially with his reputation as a ladies man She was having enough trouble dealing with her fiance s suicide and her own identity crisis Matt was having his own issues with Kendra s attitude He couldn t figure out what her

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    My first ever Harlequin Romantic Suspense Did not enjoy it, or I say about the romance part The case had me curious though I already have the hint who is the killer so I say its the only thing that got me engaged in this book PS The killing is so horrible.

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    I read both of these years ago and it didn t register with me until I completed Cavanaugh Rules I remembered the ending I have both these books separately in my bookshelves They were both good.

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    CAVANAUGH RULES CAVANAUGH FAMILY SERIES 22 Kendra and Matt On the heels of losing her fianc , Kendra Cavelli doesn t want another partner, especially not one as sinfully handsome as Detective Matt Abilene.She has enough troubles with her family s latest secret, which calls her whole identity into question.Is she a Cavel...

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    Miniseries Cavanaugh JusticeCategory Suspense

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    Now, this one was OK I would say The best part was of the developing feelings between Sean Cavanaugh and Sabrina Abilene Who by the way are not the primary characters of this romance novel.

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    Review to follow.

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    Well h be yatch there was really no suspense I love the series but this one was just ok.

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