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Cassandras Challenge (Imperial, #1) Cassandras Challenge Imperial, 1 PDF Epub Author M.K Eidem Undercostruction.eu Cassandra Chamberlain Has Always Stood Out It S Hard Not To At 6 1 And 165 Pounds With Jet Black Hair And Sapphire Blue Eyes And If That Wasn T Enough She Is Also Brilliant, Graduating From Harvard At Fifteen, Teaching At MIT At Nineteen And Up For The Prestigious Magellan Award At Twenty Five But She S Never Really Fit In Not With Her Peers, Not With Her Contemporaries, Only With Her Family But Everything Changes When The Earth Is Attacked And Cassandra And Her Niece Victoria Are The Only Survivors Suddenly The Smartest Woman On The Planet Has To Relearn Everything Everything She S Believed To Be True Is Challenged And She Has To Learn To Survive, Not Only For Herself But For Victoria, Because Someone Wants Them Dead.Admiral William Zafar Is The Youngest Admiral Ever In The Coalition Fleet, The Hero Of The Battle Of Fayal At 7 1 He S 325 Pounds Of Carinian Male In His Prime Who Is Feared And Respected Throughout The Fleet He Is A Royal From The House Of Protection, Carrying Its Birthmark And Considers Its King One Of His Oldest Friends.But When The Regulians Destroy A Previously Unknown Planet Leaving Only Two Survivors He Finds He S Willing To Risk It All To Protect The Woman He Loves From The Regulians And The Carinian Traitor That Wants Her Dead.

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    2.5This is the usual human alien romance with a little twist and it worked The plot was interesting, the I liked the characters but What I didn t like were the tedious description of the hero and heroine s day, h...

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    First I must say that I ve enjoyed this book very much.Second I have to say also that I didn t enjoyed some little things in it.The plot is extremely interesting and the pace of the story is good But something was constantly bothering me, mainly the present tense.It could be that I m not u

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    Loved it before the tense updated, the love continues.Wow, just wow.I found Grim and Cassandra quite enjoyable, I ve re read both multiple times already which tells me that I ve fallen in love with characters, plot and setting I tend to ignore reviews that focus not on the story but on editing, gram

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    Cassandra Chamberlain may be one of the smartest people on Earth, as evidenced when she s nominated for the prestigious Magellan Award, but it all means nothing when Earth is attacked by aliens who systematically kill every man, woman, and child leaving the planet for all practical purposes dead By a fluke Ca

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    I liked the story but there is obvious editing flaws which made it a bit difficult to get in to the rhythm of the book which had me taking breaks.The characters are likeable and some moments you feel the pain of both Cassandra and Victoria for the loss they have suffered the romance between Cassandra and William is a r

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    I loved this book It was a very long book, but well worth it to read Reread for the 3rd time Last read on 7 13 2015I still really love this book It is a pretty long book over 700 pages , but I get so involved and enjoy it so much that it doesn t seem like much time has passed.

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    2.5 StarsThe Earth has been destroyed, the only two survivors are Cassandra Chamberlain and her nine year old niece Victoria They barely survived, only saved as the Carnians, the alien race trying to save them, managed to pick them up as they were helping one of their fighters who had crash landed Cassandra and Victoria are taken under th

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    A great entertaining read Cassandra s Challenge s a true space opera, with warfare, betrayals, conspiracies and murder attempts, all amidst a budding romance With a very creative and fast plot Cassandra s Challenge didn t even feel that long despite its length I took me sometime to pick it up the idea of Earth s complete destruction did not seem ve

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    For anyone who read my review of Grim by the same author I think they found an editor This book isn t perfect it still has the consul console problem but it s dramatically better.WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERSThis is an epic Cassandra first finds rescues a crashed alien male and patches him up, returns him to his rescue ship and due to an attack goes with them re

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    Cassandra the know it all and William the hot older guy.This book takes place in space and that s about as sci fi as it gets There s the usual diaspora type reason for why the aliens so closely resemble Americans not just Earthlings but specifically English speaking Earthlings in looks, language and culture The author doesn t even attempt to create a new culture for t

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