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Bright Ruin Bright Ruin by Vic James is the third book of the young adult fantasy Dark Gifts series From the title of the series to the intense book cover one should guess that this series is not all rainbows and sunshine but one that is incredibly dark and sometimes disturbing so while it is young adult I would recommend keeping this series on the the older crowd side of the genre.The series takes place in a society in which the world is ruled by Equals who are aristocrats with magical gifts Everyone else are known as commoners and at some point during their lifetimes they have to serve the Equals for a period of ten years as their slaves Commoners can choose to serve at any point in their lives from 10 to 80 years old.In Gilded Cage we met a family that when the youngest child turned ten the parents decided to sign the whole family up for their slave days to be completed together Luke s older sister Abi has arranged for the family to work together at a plantation owned by England s most powerful family of Equals But upon arrival the paperwork had been messed up and Luke is shipped off to a slave town separate from the rest of his family.The series is one that definitely needs to be read as a whole with starting from the beginning with Gilded Cage then continuing with Tarnished City and Bright Ruin as the plot carries over and picks up where it left off from book to book While I have rated in the middle with each of this books the series has definitely still held m Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.Vic James has created a fantastic world, well plotted and filled with deep, complicated, flawed characters It s hard to believe that this trilogy is her debut into the realm of published novels, because she s excelled from start to finish This is by far one of the best YA series I ve read, and I read a lot I don t want to give away too much, but the fallout of the end of the last book has left our set of main characters reeling and split, and this book picks up right away, findi BRIGHT RUIN brings to an end the DARK GIFTS trilogy which began with GILDED CAGE back in 2017 This series delivered on nearly every promise it made back then, resulting in an extremely satisfying experience for this reader.We re back with all the same characters, well, the ones that are still alive , and resuming their individual dramas in an unsettled London, dominated by Equals In this series, Equals are born with special powers, magical powers even, which allow them to control all sorts of materials and energies As such, this world Vic James has created allows those rich in these powers to control and enslave those who are not Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and all that But what James has so Skillfully done, Skill being the name given to these powers , is that she s woven in political commentary that is eerily on point with today s events all over the real world Ruling classes and or class warfare Check Political parties scheming and planning to keep the unSkilled quiet and working with their noses to the grind Check Those rich in Skill, or in our world, dollar bills , easily gain wealth, while holding their feet to the throats of the those not so blessed Check Using fear to keep the masses afraid and not too interes Rating 3.5History only appeared inevitable because it was written in a world where it had already happened.A rather stunning conclusion to an overall fantastic series Filled with politics, intrigue, family and morally gray characters, this book manages to keep us guessing from start to finish I don t say this often, but I honestly wish it was longer Character RankingsAbi Gavar Silyen Luke Bouda The Relationships Silyen LukeYou re really going to set them free Well, you asked nicely You know, Luke said, I think world peace, women s equality, and an end to global hunger would also be great Silyen smirked, Don t push it, HadleyThese two were the most unexpected development I certainly knew Silyen had some interest in Luke and they had some sort of connection, but I truly did not realize Silyen s interest in Luke was a romantic one But it is a rather fun and entertaining surprise Gavar AbiYou didn t just rescue me You saved all of us by putting a stop to the Blood Fair It was what anyone would have done But no one else did Only you This scene just had me for some reason It was so simple and lovely, and there truly was not any romantic connotation to it You are better than your family I believe this, and I hope one day you will too. In this book, we see a major shift in the relationship WELL WELL.Before reading I have actual heartburn at the thought of this book.After reading I have actual heartburn at the thought of this book. A bit of a mind bending finish to an interesting trilogy Things did not go where I thought they would in this story when I started the first book, but that is part of what made this series such a good read.One of the things I liked most was how very ambiguous some of the characters were and remained through the series There were a few obviously bad or good people, but mostly they were all just people with flaws, tempers, and making choices that were often selfish and morally ambiguous I did have a sense that a couple of characters shifted from where they started in Gilded Cage to where they ended up in Bright Ruin, and that some of those shifts were plot directed than organic, I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review However, I own the two other instalments in this trilogy, and plan to buy this one as soon as it s out.What a fantastic finale.I love the Dark Gifts trilogy, to the point where I d possibly declare this as my favourite YA fantasy.The premise is very simple, political, and, in our current political climate, just a tiny bit terrifying This is a world, an alternative modern day Britain, where commoners are required to serve as slaves for ten years during which they lose all basic human rights The protagonists set out to serve at the beginning of the first book, and I expected it to be mostly about their struggle for freedom with a healthy dose of rebellionVic James, however, doesn t just write from the point of view of the ones suffering Instead, we get to see the story from the perspective of the ruling Equals as well, and they re not all bad Some are in favour of the slavery, some are downright cruel, others are fighting to abolish the slavery There s lots of politics in these books, and I think that was one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much The characters are layered, well developed and the writing is enjoyable The world building is not just your average dystopia but inno Magically Gifted Aristocrats Rule And Commoners Are Doomed To Serve But A Rebellion Threatens The Old Order The Dystopian Trilogy That Began With Gilded Cage And Tarnished City Concludes.In A World Where The Lower Classes Must Endure Ten Years Of Forced Service To Unfairly Advantaged, Magically Powered Rulers, A Teenage Boy Dreams Of Rebellion, His Older Sister Yearns For Love And Knowledge, And A Dangerous Young Aristocrat Seeks To Remake The World With His Dark Gifts In Bright Ruin, The Final Book In The Trilogy Set In Modern Day England, Our Heroes Will Lead A Revolution That Will Transform Or Destroy The World. This is the final book of a fantasy trilogy about a group of young people fighting for freedom in a reimagined England in which Equals with magical Skills have supplanted royalty and the government People who are not Equals are required to serve as slaves for a ten year period It cannot be read as a standalone since there is no recap of the prior books I have to be strict with myself with respect to getting involved with trilogies The later books are almost never as good as the first book, and unfortunately that is the case with this trilogy While I wanted to find out how everything turned out after reading the first book, it was really a slog through books 2 and 3 Too much of our world was built into the fantasy world in this book in a ham handed fashion, including child deportation and resentment of the elite This book had a lot of rescue operations an Highlights Alternate Dystopian ish SocietyMagicFantastical ElementsIntrigueGood Triumphing Over EvilA Small Splish of RomanceAudiobook Narrated by Evita Jay My Thoughts What can I saythat was a satisfying ending to an intriguing series While I found the first book in this series hard to decipher with all the ginormous words that I never heard before being thrown around like everyday language, I honestly didn t know if I would continue the series That is until I tried the Audio version with book 2 With the easy to understand narration from Evita Jay, I found a way to like this sesquipedalian writing style of Vic James.The unique alternative slash dystopian ish modern day British setting and the captivating charactersfrom the good to the bad and the completely unusual made this possible for me to really get into the story,

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