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Brief Candle Three Plays Brings Together The Most Recent Work Of Sahitya Akademi Award Winner Mahesh Dattani As He Continues To Explore Subjects That Need To Be Addressed But Are Relentlessly Brushed Under The Carpet Of Middle Class Morality Incest, Gender Bias And Death Brief Candle

About the Author: Mahesh Dattani

Mahesh Dattani is an Indian director, actor, playwright and writer He wrote such plays as Final Solutions, Dance Like a Man, Bravely Fought the Queen, On a Muggy Night in Mumbai, Tara,Thirty Days in September and The murder that never was , starring Dheiraj Kapoor He is the first playwright in English to be awarded the Sahitya Akademi award His plays have been directed by eminent directors like

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    Since this entry is about all the three plays and I have only read the titular play, Brief Candle, which I didn t like much, I m going to reserve further comments until I read the other two, of which I know Thirty Days in September is going to be beautiful.

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    The playwright clearly knows what he s saying Each play is a punch in the gut, a terrific realization, and also a much needed reflection That being said, I d strongly recommend reading these for their timely and topical themes, their clearly fantastic and innovative style and structure, and their profound lucidity and respective unique their experimentation

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    The Girl Who Touched the Stars and Thirty Days in September are such powerful stories about women that I can still feel the impact The Girl Who Touched the Stars is about Kalpana Chawla, th emirates Indian woman to go to space There is a dialogue about the water in space not going up in space is funny Thirty Days in September is on incest and how a girl is allowed to be abused by her own family including her mother,

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