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Boardwalk Empire In Boardwalk Empire, Atlantic City Springs To Life In All Its Garish Splendor Author Nelson Johnson Traces AC From Its Birth As A Quiet Seaside Health Resort, Through The Notorious Backroom Politics And Power Struggles, To The City S Rebirth As An Entertainment And Gambling Mecca Where Anything Goes. So Let s talk about this book Because my book club picked this book because the show is based on it and, well, let s just say there are only about two chapters of this book that the show is based on So if you re going into this because you want to learn about the background of the show, uh, you re not really going to find it Yes, you will get some good information But the show fills in a lot of blanks since this is basically just a basic overview of the history of Atlantic City.You will, however, learn a lot about the history of Atlantic City in this book and that is super interesting I live nowhere near Atlantic City and have never been there even though I do want to go, someday so my knowledge of it comes entirely from television So this book is definitely helpful for people like me who either think of it as the roaring 20 s city, as displayed in Boardwalk Empire, or the Vegas of the East, as it is now commonly known or as can be seen in episodes of shows like How I Met Your Mother Bridging the gap between those two, as this book does, was honestly fascinating.Unfortunately, though, my entire problem with this book is that that history is written in basically the driest manner possible I f If fans of the HBO series Boardwalk Empire read this hoping just for stories about corrupt politicians, gangsters, bootlegging, sex, violence, and a disfigured hit man, they re probably going to be disappointed However, anyone looking for an interesting history of Atlantic City from its humble beginnings of a second rate resort town through it s glory days of as a popular destination point during Prohibition because of it s total unwillingness to enforce anti booze laws to it s current state as a gambling town that is still plagued by urban decay would probably find this book interesting.While the author spends plenty of time on the reign of political boss and part time racketeer Nucky Johnson, the inspiration for the Steve Buscemi s character Nucky Thompson, and the way that the corrupt Republican machine built and ruled Atlantic City for decades, this is really a history and not a true crime book While the links between organized crime and the politician No, this isn t a pot boiler full of sex, violence and perfect looking people That s the highly entertaining, fiction based on fact TV series, and this is not the novelization of that show.What this is is the whole history of Atlantic City, from its founding as a health resort, its success mainly as a resort for working class folk from Philadelphia, its golden age under Nucky Johnson NOT Thompson , its post prohibition fall that continued for decades, and its rebirth as a casino resort town.What is especially interesting is the chapter on Atlantic City s African American community Nearly the entire work staff of the town was black, and lived under conditions that differed little from the plantations of the the pre Civil War South It s a sad and remarkable story.Johnson knows his subject and tells his story with far skill than most historians do if you read adult history This is the book the HBO series used for its basis Contrary to popular myth, Atlantic City was not a summer playground for the rich but rather a working class getaway that catered to every illicit whim Brothels and gambling flourished, but Prohibition really made Atlantic City famous and rich Under Nucky Johnson, the Commodore s successor, anything nominally illegal elsewhere could be had in Atlantic City A naughty time at an affordable price The short history of Atlantic City presented at the beginning of the book is really quite interesting The land was bought up originally to develop a health spa, but then, in order to make it accessible a railroad was required to get people from New York and Philadelphia But in order to compete with Cape May, summer playground of the rich, they tried to appeal to the working man so prices had to remain low Soon there were four railroads delivering customers in spite of swarms of green flies and mosquitoes that sometimes drove horses crazy not to mention people To serve customers cheaply, labor costs had to be kept low, and poor southern blacks who had suffered as slaves and were then abused after Reconstruction was destroyed politically, migrated to Atlantic City to fill the jobs Whites wanted nothing to do with them sociall

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