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ExcellentI have really enjoyed reading this book It is just as good as the first one I hope that there will be in this series. Supernatural ThrillerIke Hamill has written another fantastic supernatural thriller Young David is having dreams again This time the monster isn t after him Can he help Don, a young man he s never met before BLOOD GHOST is an excellent sequel to THE HUNTING TREE It is a true sequel, rather than a continuation Some of the characters from THE HUNTING TREE Davey, now David, and Morris, Merritt, and other cousins play key supporting roles, but the main characters and the story line are completely new and different Lifelong best friends Kyle and Don who are in their early 20s reconnect when Don returns home from graduate school for the summer Something strange is roaming around in the woods behind their houses, Desiccated corpses of small animals litter the woods Kyle becomes inexplicably unwell Hundreds of miles away, 12 year old David is having dreams again, this time of other difficult to describe entities that are stealing the blood of their victims Basically all of Hamill s plots are original and this is no exception No vampires here, at least not the Dracula Sookie Stackhouse Twilight kind But something s is after blood, and it s not human.As was the case in THE HUNTING TREE, there is something in David s bloodline that sensitizes him to these creatures and give him a kind of clairvoyance Also like the HUNTING TREE, Morris and his cousins know something about what is really going on and they all come into play in an important way later in the novel As with all Hamill s novels, the pacing is excellent and the suspense is high This one is particularly light on bad language, the violenc Hamill is good at coming up with new bad guys for his various horror thriller novels The succubus is very much not the popular depiction of a physically stunning woman she simply has powers that turn people to her side and addict them to her I very much like what he did with her form and personality The other characters are interesting as well Don s sister Chelsea starts out seeming like a total witch, but she improves later in the book, and with good reason.I kind of wish David either hadn t been involved at all, or had been thoroughly involved His intuition has become too convenient In some places I can buy into it, but in others it feels like he s being used as an artifact to move the plot along properly He s becoming a little too much like the boy in Hamill s Extinct, and he s starting to feel like an author s cheat card.The pacing worked well, and there were some tense moments, though not as many as I d have liked Again, intuitions and nigh EPUB Blood Ghost Author Ike Hamill Bharat24news.com Blood Ghost The Hunting Tree, Book 4 They Stopped The Monster, But His Blood Remained It Soaked Into The Forest Floor, Poisoning The New Hampshire Soil The Witch Fed She, The Blood Ghost, The Thief Of Life S Essence, Grew Strong On That Blood, And She Grew Bold Now She S Taken A New Lover Each Drop Of His Young Blood Feeds The Witch And Her Evil Purpose Sign Up For The Mailing List At Www.ikehamill.com For A Free Copy Of Ike S Next Book Coming In December 2013 Back In Maine, Davey Is Having Nightmares Again This Time He S Vowed To Stop Them Before They Come True Davey Will Enlist His Distant Cousins Once Again And Join Them To Fight The Witch, The Blood Ghost Blood Ghost Is A Continuation Of The Hunting Tree Series Enjoy It Alone Or As Part Of The Set. This book has paranormal, mystery, and science all wrapped up into one package I was really impressed with the way this author took me to a different place that I had never been before The stories felt real as if they could really happen I will be recommending to everyone that I loved it After reading The Hunting Tree I wanted to read about these interesting characters This book did a great job of continuing their story but also became a story of its own. Blood Ghost

About the Author: Ike Hamill

Ike Hamill writes fast paced horror novels with strong, relatable characters His books have gained a steady following amongst readers who enjoy his blend of sci fi, paranormal, occult, and suspense Whether focused on a small family trying to survive the move to a haunted house, or following a band of angry rebels determined to withstand an apocalypse, his stories draw the reader into the lives o

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