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Blood, Class and Empire Since The End Of The Cold War So Called Experts Have Been Predicting The Eclipse Of America S Special Relationship With Britain But As Events Have Shown, Especially In The Wake Of 9 11, The Political And Cultural Ties Between America And Britain Have Grown Stronger Blood, Class And Empire Examines The Dynamics Of This Relationship, Its Many Cultural Manifestations The James Bond Series, PBS Brit Kitsch, Rudyard Kipling And Explains Why It Still Persists Contrarian, Essayist And Polemicist Christopher Hitchens Notes That While The Relationship Is Usually Presented As A Matter Of Tradition, Manners, And Common Culture, Sanctified By Wartime Alliance, The Special Ingredient Is Empire Transmitted From An Ancien Regime That Has Tried To Preserve And Renew Itself Thereby England Has Attempted To Play Greece To The American Rome, But Ironically Having Encouraged The United States To Become An Equal Partner In The Business Of Empire, Britain Found Itself Supplanted.

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    This 1990 study of the special relationship between America and Britain has been everything I wanted it to be long, detailed, personalized and written with the impossible wit and sharpness of Hitchens mind The discussion surrounding pol

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    Finished My gosh, this was crunchy Hitchens covers the entire history from the founding of the United States through 1990, and of the United Kingdom during that time span, and assumes a certain amount of knowledge on the part of the reader

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    Interesting read, despite having been written almost a quarter of a century ago The story of British American relations, and the special relationship , which turns out not to be that special after all, unsurprisingly.I read a review of this boo

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    While not as provocative as some of his writing, I suspect this one will get some people s goat In it he argues that the US British relationship is far shabbier than we thought On the one hand, the American upper class and its adherents see British

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    Reading a presumably earlier version called _Blood, Class, Nostalgia_ Hitchens is a little impressed with his own vocabulary prowess, has some axes to grind, and states opinions, or at least undocumented facts, as facts The book is also rather dated It

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    i am a big christopher hitchens fan but i am very sorry to say that this book was just terrible.it was a very hard read infact and i still was able to read it twice.it is one of the most hardest and difficult book i have read.it is about politics.it i...

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    Review title The relative viscosity of blood and waterHitchens is a well known pundit and paradox, a serious thinker who inhabits the entertainment world of American cable news channels, who makes serious points with acerbic wit and erudite language it is not

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    At times sober, at others very funny, this is a simultaneous critique and celebration of the Anglo American relationship Christopher Hitchens, a duel citizen of both Britain and the United States, analyses all the characteristics of the special relationship the ti

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    Interesting for an old Brit to read Hitchens view of the special relationship , and his account of the rise of the US to world empire He treats the question thematically, giving pride of place to Rudyard Kipling s disgraceful white man s burden Not so well known now i

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    Christopher Hitchens non fiction prose is always a pleasure to read even when I strenuously disagree with the assertions being offered Fortunately, I found little to disagree with in this book It is an engaging and enlightening exposition of the creation of the modern wor

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