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Black Widow: Homecoming Collects Black Widow 2004 1 6.The Deadliest Agent In The Marvel Universe Has Finally Gotten Out Of The Spy Game, And She S Not Asking For Much, Just A Life Of Her Own When A Sudden Assassination Attempt Provides A Harsh Reality Check, The Former Soviet Agent Tracks A String Of International Killings That Will Lead Her Back To A Russia She Can Barely Recognize.

About the Author: Richard K. Morgan

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10 thoughts on “Black Widow: Homecoming

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    A very Shallow black white Buddy Read.I accidentally read the second volume, The Things They Say About Her, first Becausethank you Marvel for your crappy labeling Anyway, I confused by her amoral attitude toward kidnapping and or killing people Also, she was a weeeeee bit of a rage monster Why

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    5 Nice to see Natasha again Sad that the other Black Widows died Enjoyed seeing Natasha in action Glad Nat was able to stop Vassily Hope Phil and the girl will be okay Can t wait to read Black Widow comics

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    Morgan can write, hands down And even though his unmistakable prose was exchanged, in this case, for pictures, the dialogue, themes, and storytelling style bore his totally unique and absolutely stellar fingerprints In this story, Morgan takes on lots of big issues that hit a little closer to home it reads thematically

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    Genaueres Review sp ter, aber vorab Gute Story, coole Artwork, sexistischer Zeichenstil Das h tten 5 sein k nnen.

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    As someone who has never read a Black Widow comic well technically that s not true because i read Black Widow Deadly Origin a long time ago But I don t remember it that much, maybe I should read it again in the near future anyway.I thought Homecoming would be a good start to read about the character and after finishing it What did

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    I have a recurring nightmare where men try to explain feminism to me.This is the fourth or fifth time I ve read this trade You notice little things after that many read throughs There s a scene early on where the narration is intended to read there are friends and there are friends, but because comics love to overuse italics, bot

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    A really good Black Widow story by Richard Morgan, with great art as always by Sienkiewicz The characters are great, the plot is tight and well told The feminism themes are a little heavy handed, but it works overall I thought the ending was quite ...

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    I found this story to be too over the top strawman y It s page after page of all men are bad, all men are predators, all men are manipulative, etc.Maybe I m not familiar enough with the characters to really get the dynamic between Natasha and Nick Fury, but I was under the impression t...

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    Beautiful looking book I still isn t understand why Marvel gave this series Greg Land covers on it s initial release Not only is his style horrid, it couldn t look any farther apart from the interior artwork.

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    If you re into the Jason Bourne film series, you would love this Never judge a book by its cover clearly true in this case The stories present inside have absolutely nothing to do with the cover art The art inside is gritty, messy, the artist of the book majors on depicting reality as it is alley ways, derelict buildings within soviet Russia, street scenes as

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