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Bizenghast, Volume 8 From The BackcoverA Violent Last Stand Is About To Commence In The City Of Bizenghast Between Dinah And Mephohetka Can Dinah Hold Her Own Against This Powerfully Twisted Demon, Or Will She, Like All The Others, Be Sucked Into The Nightmare Dinah, A Clincally Insane Protagonist Living In An Abandoned Mill Town With Her Sociopathic Aunt, Teams Up With The Only Other Child In Town To Dispell The Horros They Find Down In The Long Lost Sunken Mausoleum Challenged By A Terrible Spectre To Free All The Tormented Souls Of The Lost Graveyard, Dinah Slowly Recovers Her Sanity By Working With Her Friend Vincent To Untangle The Riddles Of The Ghosts Many Deaths

About the Author: M. Alice LeGrow

M Alice LeGrow is a female manga influenced alternate comic book artist best known for her original English language manga series Bizenghast From the Savannah College of Art and Design, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sequential Art.As a young girl, Mary Alice LeGrow was not interested in comics since she grew up in Weisbaden, Germany where comics were not readily available In her freshman year of high school, she discovered comics and anime She enjoyed manga because it was not the regular colorful spandex superhero fare She heard about Tokyopop s Rising Stars of Manga competition from a friend at the 2003 Otakon, an anime convention in Balti, Maryland On the drive from the convention and with eleven days before the deadline, she chose a short story she had written named Nikolai , because of its simple but engaging plot that had a definite start and finish She renamed the main character, Sally Notch, after a road sign called Notch Road and based her character design on a model in a Gothic Lolita Bible Because the story was ten pages longer than the twenty page limit, she rewrote it and also altered Sally s hair and clothes to make herinteresting Nikolai won a runner up place in the competition and was published in the 2003 Rising Stars of Manga anthology Along with a monetary prize, LeGrow won a chance to potientally have a manga series published by Tokyopop The editors liked the series she proposed, Bizenghast, and she became the second Rising Stars of Manga winner to have a manga series published by Tokyopop.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

10 thoughts on “Bizenghast, Volume 8

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    First off, let me state that I have been waiting for forever to finish this series Book 7 had left off at such a cliffhanger and it seemed like the world had put everything in the way to stop me from finishing the series But I did and I loved it My one critique is that after such a climax in the p

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I can t believe how long i waited to read the final volume I saw some unfavorable reviews and had difficult finding it so i delayed even though i have followed the series from its first volumes There are some faults, the artwo

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    Things happened really fast here, one major event after another, by the end the plot felt very rushed I guess the manga got cancelled a bit too soon, so the author had to quickly finish the story and tie all the loose ends thankfully, you can see how everything had been planned out from the beggining I wish there

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    So, the Truth Comes OutNot a bad series What with all the architectures, surrealistic dreams, and nice gothic dresses, it s too bad this series came to an end At least, the creator didn t drag her feet story wise Very imaginative dark fantasy, with something slightly nightmarish The whole series, very much recommended.

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    My letter retraction Sorry tokyopop I honestly thought the series wasn t finished, glad to see I was wrong about that because I m glad I saw the climactic conclusion to these series

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    I love this series the characters, the storyline, and the artwork Sad to see it end My favourite character is Edaniel.

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    Unbelievably, a happy ending for all who are deserving of it except for the poor Auntie.

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    Honestly, my rating for this is so high because the end to Bizenghast was so satisfying, so original just like the rest of the story but with a hint of a cliche, it didn t have a depressing ending, and we all know that M Alice LeGrow worked very hard on it in order to give her fans what she believed we deserve a proper conclusion She is unlike some oth

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    I don t recall it being difficult to obtain this volume, but I m a big fan of Marty LeGrow and follow her online, so I bought it as soon as it came out, from RightStuf TokyoPop went out of business, so this final volume was printed based upon online purchases rather than stocking Borders shelves like the others That also partially explains both the two year ga

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    This volume was the hardest to get my hands on, but I m so incredibly glad I could The cliffhanger in the seventh volume left me needingThe ending of this one was quite satisfactory, even if it did call in the magic makes it better to help fix everything This didn t bother me as much as it would in any other series, as magical solutions were offered up many times befo

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