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Bitter Chocolate About The Book Bitter Chocolate A Book That Challenges Our Notions Of Family Honour And MoralitySometime, Somewhere, The Conspiracy Of Silence Around Child SexualAbuse CSA In Indian Homes Had To Be Shattered This Path Breakingbook The First Of Its Kind In The Country Andsubcontinent Attempts To Give That Sexually Abused Child Apowerful Voice It Provides Damning Disclosures About Men, And Somewomen, In Middle And Upper Class Families Who Sexually Abuse Theirchildren, Then Silence Them Into Submission Based On Studies,reports And Investigation, This Book Reveals That A Minimum Oftwenty Per Cent Of Girls And Boys Under The Age Of Sixteen Areregularly Being Sexually Abused Half Of Them In Their Own Homes,by Adults Who Have The Child S Trust In Bitter Chocolate, Journalist And Best Selling Author PinkiVirani Travels Across The Country To Record The Testimonies Of Thepolice, Doctors, Child Psychologists, Mental Health Professionals,social Workers, Lawyers And The Traumatized Victims Themselves Thebook Opens With An Account Brave And Devoid Of Self Pity Of Theauthor S Own Experience Going Beyond Blaming, Pinki Virani Thenproceeds With Her Insightful Analysis Of The Issue In Threenotebooks The First Spells Out What Constitutes CSA, Why And Howthis Happens, Its Devastating After Effects Which Haunt The Victimsas They Grow Into Adulthood The Second Notebook Describes Theseeffects Through Two Real Life Stories Of Women Who Were Betrayed Aschildren By Men Of Their Family The Third Provides Practicalsolutions On How To Counter CSA, Including A Framework Involvingthe Law, The Parent And Their Child A Special Chapter Addressesadults Who Have Never Before Disclosed Their Sexual Abuse Aschildren Plus A Nationally Coordinated Helpline Accessible Yet Comprehensive, Bitter Chocolate Is Written Forthe Young Parent And Guardian, Principal And Teacher, Judge Andpolice, Lawyer And Public Prosecutor, Teenager And Tomorrow Scitizen About The Author Pinki Vi

About the Author: Pinki Virani

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bitter Chocolate book, this is one of the most wanted Pinki Virani author readers around the world.

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    When I looked at the majority of other people s ratings for this book, I am not surprised Most people rate this book with a 1 or 2 out of 5 Which, to me, makes perfect sense This book is extremely painful to read When I read it I was living in India and it made it that much harder to believe and relate to everyday experience I remember reading this book and physically hurting when doing so My legs and hands would go numb Did I enjoy this book Absolutely not Reading it was hell Do I rec When I looked at

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    Depressing look at the horrific face of child sex abuse in India The book is sometimes hurt by the bitter, sarcastic tone of the author who is still dealing with her own related horrors , but the need for such an open look at such a horrid problem overcomes those faults.

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    I wish I could give this bookstars because I think it is an important one and, unfortunately, it is the only book on the market that deals with child sexual abuse in India The first part of the book I thought was quite good especially the variety of case studies But then there was just too much of Virani s own experience embedded throughout the text And far too ...

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    This is the unspoken truth about Sexual abuse in India We are part of an age old ancestry,culture and heritage, that people don t speak up in fear of being judged and mocked at.Honestly I can t imagine the amount of incest cases that are blatantly strewn across ,that the Indian law and order purposely turn a blind eye upon My heart goes out to each victim Personally I am happy I came across this book, because this is a book that will help me create a better und...

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    Every parent, read this book Please It left a bitter taste in my mouth, but it was necessary Actually, everyone in the country should read this book.My 24 year old neighbour, who s getting married next year and saw the book in ny hand and said, what a boring topic please read this before you have kids.it s not boring, it s gut w...

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    Leaves you disturbed and sleepless Not recommended for the faint hearted.

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    Spine chilling accounts of child sexual abuse in India at every chapter.This book may make you cry and very very angry You feel a rage inside you to know the light under which such cases are handled making the life hell for the victim and the accused remains unharmed be it an outsider or own family member Though the ...

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    Just completed reading, and I m shattered Damning disclosures are extremely painful, and leave you numb and sleepless especially if you are a parent Alarming and disturbing statistics,which point to the vulnerability of young lives living amidst a sick society.Chilling reality to accept the fact that around 50% abuse happens at safe environment of home by close kins Silence ,denial, and minimizing it ,make it happen again and again.The author has done a great job, by writing a book about an i Just completed reading, and I m shattered Damning disclosu

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    So much of researched and reported child sex abuse in India and so much yet to be unveiled Shocking though but it portrays that the world is so full of sick people Subjects who undergoes this trauma are usually unaware what they are going through and beings kids no one believes them, because children are always fantasizing And when over sure adults over rules their children s complaints, the child goes mute And by mute i mean mute forever the child is never the same They still know someth So much of researched and re...

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    Some books move you to the deepest core These books are not to be celebrated, but remembered for the right reasons Bitter Chocolate shall be recalled every time I hear, suspect, witness, read a case of child abuse physical, verbal, sexual.This is a painful, hard to believe read Yet, it will keep you glued if CSA is a subject that disturbs you The book, with every page, unsettles your unperturbed idea of the ideal Indian society and family.To give a final word this book moved me to tears Some books move you to the deepest core These books are not to be celebrated,

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