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Biased Jennifer Eberhardt Gives Us The Opportunity To Talk About Race In New Ways, Ultimately Transforming Our Thinking About Ourselves And The World We Want To Create Michelle Alexander, Author Of The New Jim Crow Jennifer Eberhardt Is One Of The Great Thinkers And One Of The Great Voices Of Our Time Carol Dweck, Author Of Mindset Groundbreaking Essential Reading For Anyone Interested In How We Become A Just Society Bryan Stevenson, Author Of Just MercyProfessor Jennifer Eberhardt Is A Stanford Social Psychologist And One Of The World S Leading Experts On Racial Bias InBiased, She Draws On Groundbreaking Research To Demonstrate That Even Without Explicit Racism, Our Unconscious Biases Powerfully Shape Our Behaviour Leading To Racial Disparities In All Sectors Of Society.In A Global Society Of Increased Migration And Social Movement, Biased Highlights The Social Problems That Arise When Different Races Meet, And Demonstrates The Stubbornly Persistent Role Of Racial Bias In A World Where Economic And Geographic Realities Are Rapidly Changing.Perhaps Importantly, Biased Not Only Describes One Of The Most Fundamental Problems Of Our Age, But Puts Forward Solutions Unconscious Bias Is A Common Human Condition To Be Recognised And Managed, Not A Sin To Be Punished Only Through Understanding Comes Change.

About the Author: Jennifer L. Eberhardt

Dr Jennifer Eberhardt is a professor of psychology at Stanford and a recipient of a 2014 MacArthur genius grant She has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and was named one of Foreign Policy s 100 Leading Global Thinkers She is co founder and co director of SPARQ Social Psychological Answers to Real World Questions , a Stanford Center

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    A book for anyone who wants to know how biases are formed, how they manifest and even how our brains process them There are examples, even from the authors own life, and studies that show how biases are used in everyday life Statistics to back up the authors assertions, an

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    One of the best books about implicit bias I ve ever read It s both personal and data based, warm and inviting where it needs to be and cold and honest in other parts I would recommend this to any organization or person or group who wants to understand how bias works and how it s ok

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    This is the kind of informative nonfiction that I like to see clearly written, incorporating broad statistics and study findings with concrete examples, correlating arguments to current or historical events, and the author s use of personal anecdotes or stories told to her to make the conte

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    Some nonfiction presents new Ideas and some nonfiction is well written and this book has both traits Eberhardt whose work I was unaware until I heard her interviewed on a youtube channel is a cognitive scientist whose research area is implicit biases that we carry with us I had heard of other studie

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    We do not have to be racist to be biased A relevant, heart breaking, emotionally draining look at the heart of America s racial tensions, social inequality, confirmation bias, racial profiling, and the attitudes that are inherently ours.Social judgements affect both how we see those around us and how we perc

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    Read with GR group Nonfiction Book Club Why a paltry 3 stars This book was not written with someone with the awareness I have I am than familiar with the concept of in grouping out group I am a woman of indeterminate ethnicity.However, I did not find the book a complete bore I learned of the existence of the Nationa

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    This book started off great It was fresh and thought provoking but it seemed as it neared the end to remain focused on one race and not the sense of general bias like the first half I am a nerd for all the studies and test results though so I remained pretty giddy throughout I loved the analogies so much so I worked them into

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    A very well written book, but my moderate rating is only because it was not the book that I thought it was going to be I was hoping for of an analysis of why we are implicitly biased and how we might try to overcome that, but this book was of a chronicle of examples of implicit bias And that s an excellent subject, albeit incredibly

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    So honest confessionsI did not read this book fully It was late at the library and I had to skip a few chapters But I did read a lot of the book including the ending I think part of this decision comes from a comment on the book there is a good deal of repetitive ideas throughout The same studies are presented in different chapters in a way th

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    This book is a must read The author, an award winning psychology professor at Stanford breaks down the psychology of racism for the masses She does not excuse racism but explains the science behind it We would probably not have survived as a species if we were not hard wired to be wary of the other We would not be able to process information if we had

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