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Beneath the Bellemont Sky As WWII Draws To A Close, War Widow Vera Larsen Trumbell Knows All Too Well The Sacrifices Of Those Left On The Home Front Working On Her Family S Farm Has Sustained Vera And Her Young Children, But She Now Yearns For A Sense Of Normalcy The End Of The War Has Been Bittersweet For The Larsen Clan As They And The Residents Of Their Small Wyoming Town Continue To Pick Up The Pieces Of Their Former LivesNavigating The Complexities Of A Postwar World, Vera And Her Family Face The Changing Ideals Swirling Around Them From Rising Controversy Surrounding Women S Presence In The Workplace To The Town S Cold Reception Of The Newest Member Of The Family A Beautiful French Freedom Fighter The American Dream Of Days Gone By Has Been Thrown Off Balance Even Vera S Own Life Is Set Spinning When, Despite Her Better Judgment, She Feels A Growing Attraction For The Brooding And Mysterious Local SchoolteacherAs The Larsen Family And Their Neighbors Tread On Thorny Territory, Will The People Of This Small Town Find The Strength To Embrace An Unfamiliar And Extraordinary Future

About the Author: Ranee S. Clark

During her early years of reading, Ranee S Clark devoured fantasy books, which continued into her adulthood since she often believes that a well written romance novel is a delightful fantasy Though raising three boys can sometimes hamper both romance with her own Mr Charming and her writing, she tries to get a little of both in every day And most of the time she succeeds.

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    There is something about this time period that is very dear to my heart I can t decide if it s because these people were about the same ages as my grandparents and lived through similar things or what I know deep down that I would have loved to live during this time period, but quite honestly, I don t know if I would be strong enough and have enough stamina to do so Life was hard in many ways, but easier in other ways than mo

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    I fell in love with the family this book centers around It s not just about Vera, but is told from various points of view as the issues and relationships of each sibling is explored I ve always enjoyed movies and shows with a strong ensemble cast and this book had the same feel I love learning about this time period and was especially interested in the women who joined the workforce while the men were fighting the war, and how

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    I really enjoyed this book It was different than I expected, in a wonderful way I instantly felt that I was a part of the Larsen family and the wonderful community of Bellemont This is a lovely story about World War II and it shows how people picked up their lives after the war was over I loved how the Larsen women ran the farm and kept it up while the men were away I also loved how Emily Sam s fiance wanted to have a job outside

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    Until last year I hadn t read any books about WWII, and this is my third one I don t know if I would have been a very good wife during this period of time The men were gone off to war and the women had to take care of everything in addition to caring for the children, and there were food and gas rations and shortages to deal with on top of everything else.This story takes place in Belmont, Wyoming in 1946 when the men are coming ho

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    Oh, I love historical fiction and I especially love reading about the WWII era I think it s because my grandparents were in the heart of it living in England and I have stories from them that link my heart to that time through them This story takes place in the aftermath of WWII It follows a family in small town Wyoming, trying to put lives that have forever changed, back together again Each sibling in the Larsen family is trying to

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    4.5 starsBENEATH THE BELLEMONT SKY is a heartwarming story of the Larsen family after the end of WWII, who farm in a small town in Wyoming called Bellemont It tells the story of the Larsen s two sons and two daughters, all of which have been greatly affected by the war and are all looking for happiness in their lives as they recover One of the Larsen boys comes home married, but the other boy and the two girls are still searching for t

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    In her novel Beneath the Bellemont Sky, author Ranee S Clark does a fantastic job of capturing the time period, as well as family life and the life of a small town Readers will immediately fall in love with the historical story and the many characters, with the main focus not so much being on the war as being the Larsen family This story is about this delightful family picking up the pieces of their lives and pressing forward after the m

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    I really enjoyed this book This one s a bit unique in the way the author has written it The book is about a family and you get to see points of view from all of the siblings in the family as well as their love interests I loved the way the author did this It really helped me to learn about each of the siblings and I came to care about each of them as though they are my own family This book has 3 sections and each of the sections is kind of

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    This end of World War II novel is centered around the Larsen family that reside in a small Wyoming town The book is told from different perspectives of siblings in the Larsen family It showcases how they all are adjusting to life post war.I loved how loving and supportive the Larsen family is.They are close knit and would do anything to help each other One of my favorite characters is Vera, a widow with four children I also really liked her

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    I m the author somaybe biased I loved writing this book since history is a dear love of mine, especially history about the women of World War II I wanted to write a Downton Abbey like book, where we got to see the interwoven stories of a family and their closest friends and loves, and this is what happened I hope you love it and enjoy it

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