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Becoming Miss Ashleys Pet, A D/s Divorce Charles Barrington, An Ambitious Attorney, Plots To Extract Millions From A Wealthy Young Woman He Is Bright, Yet Too Impatient To Labor In Impoverishment While The Answer To His Quest For Financial Comfort Appears To Lie With A Client Of His Firm, Ashley Duval, The Heiress To A Huge Fortune Barrington Romances Her And Seeks Courtship Solely For Money, Eventually Marrying The Lovely Young Woman But Unbeknownst Charles, Ms Duval Stays One Step Ahead Of His Scheming Plot This Seemingly Innocent Heiress Has Certain Genetic Inclinations That Cause Her To Strive For The Subjugation Of The Male.In A Thought Provoking Plot, Charles, As The Unwary Plaintive In The Divorce Suit, Expects Millions In Settlement His Financial Dreamed Realized At Last But, His Plan Goes Awry He Is Instead Subjected To Thorough Female Domination By Way Of Dog Training, Body Modification, Extreme Humiliation, Extensive Oral Service, Canings, Sensory Deprivation, And A Barrage Of Psychological Counseling.Once Again, Chris Bellows Tells An Entertaining Story That Also Titillates The Prurient Mind In Terms Of D S Literature, This Book Is Not For The Initiate.

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    This is one messed up book This is pretty taboo and just disturbing This is what I come to expect when I read a Mr Bellows story I don t know why I keep doing this to myself and reading his works It s hard to stop The...

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    Extreme puppy play and body modification taleA greedy lawyer seduces the world s current richest woman can you notice the power hungry billionaire trend here with the belief she can easily be outwitted His plan is to marry her and promptly leave her with a sizable portion of her fortune Ashley foresees the scheme, and assisted by her connections and wealth, turns her husband

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    Intense Not for the weak soul.

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    Well what can I say This is one mixed up book, talk about a woman seeking retribution She takes this to a whole new level , I found this extremely hard to read and disturbing , I believe Charles deserved teaching a lesson, but never to this extreme.This was my first by this author, but it is very w...

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    Definitely Intense Definitely psychotic Definitely messed up But,,, I couldn t put the book down and I finished reading it in one day Hmmm might need to readfrom this author.

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