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Becky Bryan's Secret Becky Bryan Is A Mystery To The Small Town High School Where She Suddenly Appears, And The Quiet Of The Community Is Shattered From The Moment Of Her Arrival Her Spectacular Rescue Of A Small Child Wins The Admiration Of Her Schoolmates And Speculation About Her Mysterious Past Brings Disastrous Results Her Reason For Concealing Her Identity And The Adventures It Leads To, Make A Fascinating Story

About the Author: Betty Baxter

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    So, wait Becky thinks it s best to not tell best friend Hilary that pyschopathic Victoria lured her 3 year old sister onto a roof Huh I think I m missing something here or Becky islike common sense And look Becky rescues the girl by tightrope walking across telephone wires What could her secret possibly be I m afraid our friends at Kent High School are none too swift on the uptake.

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    A favorite of mine from childhood.

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