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Bad Behavior (Harlequin Blaze #319) Life Is All About Sizzle For Marketing Guru Delaney Phillips.She S Always On The Prowl For The Next Big Thrill Or So Shetells The Supper Club S Members When They Ask Why Sherefuses To Settle Down Dom Gordon, However, Mightprove The Exception To Her Rule.Sixteen Years Ago A Boy With Some Intriguing Rough Edgesdumped Delaney And Left Town, Maturing Into A Hugesuccess Now Dom Is Back And Her Friends Predict If He Sas Talented At Bad Behavior As He Is At Everything Else, Delaney Will Enjoy The Fling Of A Lifetime

About the Author: Kristin Hardy

I ve been book crazy my entire life When my mom would tell me to go to bed, I d hide in the bathroom just so I could read a few pages In the afternoons, I d play with my dog, Misty, in the backyard and tell her elaborate stories of princesses and Indians, dressing the dog up to play the part.I grew up in Anaheim, California, home of Disneyland When I was 12, I started my first novel, about

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    Delaney Phillips is in Mexico with the rest of the Sex and the Supper Club when she bumps into her 8th grade sweetheart, Dom Gordon Now Dom formerly known as Jake the Snake is a millionaire in the making and Delaney is a marketing genius While ...

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    And there goes the last of The Supper Club girls to fall in love Delaney thought she didn t have it in her, she thought she was the ever lasting party girl What she didn t realise was that you could still have fun and be in love at the same time.What disappointed me about most of the men and women in this series was that half the time the men decide...

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    I have read this book, and the title fits to all what s in it For those who love to do things, in a way gets them going this is definitely, not just a recommended piece, but a guide to love, in its most intimate and most saucy.

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    This was an easy book to read Nothing earth shattering.

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