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B U S P A R (Buspirone) Although, Your Health Condition May Impact Your Everyday Life, Do Not Let It Define Who You Are BUSPAR Buspirone Is Used To Treat Certain Anxiety Disorders Or To Relieve The Symptoms Of Anxiety However, Buspirone Usually Is Not Used For Anxiety Or Tension Caused By The Stress Of Everyday Life It Is Not Known Exactly How Buspirone Works To Relieve The Symptoms Of Anxiety Buspirone Is Thought To Work By Decreasing The Amount And Actions Of A Chemical Known As Serotonin In Certain Parts Of The Brain This Medicine Is Available Only With Your Doctor S Prescription Thanks And May You Have A Good Understanding About This Drug BUSPAR Buspirone You May Want To Share This Book With Your Family And Friends Who May Be In Need Of Help And Would Want To Use This Medicine Take Care, And As Always, Be Well

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