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At the Wolf's Table The Internationally Bestselling Novel Based On The Untold True Story Of The Women Conscripted To Be Hitler S Food TastersThey Called It The Wolfsschanze, The Wolf S Lair Wolf Was His Nickname As Hapless As Little Red Riding Hood, I Had Ended Up In His Belly A Legion Of Hunters Was Out Looking For Him, And To Get Him In Their Grips They Would Gladly Slay Me As Well Germany, Twenty Six Year Old Rosa Sauer S Parents Are Gone, And Her Husband Gregor Is Far Away, Fighting On The Front Lines Of WWII Impoverished And Alone, She Makes The Fateful Decision To Leave War Torn Berlin To Live With Her In Laws In The Countryside, Thinking She Ll Find Refuge There But One Morning, The SS Come To Tell Her She Has Been Conscripted To Be One Of Hitler S Tasters Three Times A Day, She And Nine Other Women Go To His Secret Headquarters, The Wolf S Lair, To Eat His Meals Before He Does Forced To Eat What Might Kill Them, The Tasters Begin To Divide Into The Fanatics, Those Loyal To Hitler, And The Women Like Rosa Who Insist They Aren T Nazis, Even As They Risk Their Lives Every Day For Hitler SAs Secrets And Resentments Grow, This Unlikely Sisterhood Reaches Its Own Dramatic Climax What S , One Of Rosa S SS Guards Has Become Dangerously Familiar, And The War Is Worsening Outside As The Months Pass, It Becomes Increasingly Clear That Rosa And Everyone She Knows Are On The Wrong Side Of History

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    During WWII there were many people who wanted to put an end to Hitler s reign of terror, and as the tide began to turn against him in 1943, those tasked with keeping him safe had to come up with every conceivable plan to ensure his continued leadership With this in mind, every method by which his assassin

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    Rosella Postorino writes an impressively researched blend of historical fact and fiction in this translated novel, already an Italian bestseller It is inspired by the late in life interview and revelations of Margot Wolk of her unusual wartime role as a food taster for Hitler In 1943, it was becoming increasingly c

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    Fear comes to me three times a day, always without knocking It sits beside me and if I stand up it follows me, by now it s practically a constant companion. World War II Death could arrive at any moment, particularly when your city is being targeted by enemy bombers In a way, a sudden violent end becomes the expectation One

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    Thank you to Flatiron Books for mailing me the advance copy of At The Wolf s Table by the international best selling author Rosella Postorino This book was selling like hot cakes in Italy when it was first released and soon Postorino was one of five nominees for the literature Campiello Prize THIS BOOK WILL BE RELEASED IN STORES IN TH

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    First I want to thank the Publisher of the book Flatiron for providing me with a copy.The book is a must must read because of one of the most powerful story I have personally ever read I didn t know what the Wolf meant before reading the book I just read the book because of the best selling author Rosella Pastorino.She is the icon of writting e

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    The Women at Hitler s Table is U.K title This excellent book is based on the true story of Margot Wolk who died in 2014 aged 96, the last of Hitlers poison testers The central character is Rosa Sauer, the place is Wolfsschanze, the Wolf s Lair in East Prussia where 10 disparate women become test animals or digestive tracts as Hitlers paranoia extends to

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    A fascinating novel following a young woman named Rosa Sauer, who is selected to be one of Hitler s food tasters She and nine other women must eat his meals before he does, then wait to see if the food is poisoned Throughout the book we get to know the women, some who are absolutely devoted to Hitler and others, like our main character Rosa, who resolutely insist

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    Germany WWll There were plenty of people who wanted Hitler dead One of the ways they tried to protect their leader was to have women assigned to be food tasters Hitler was convinced that the British were trying to poison him so he hired 10 women to eat every meal one hour before he did This book is muchthan just food tasting This is a well researched historical fiction base

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    For all reviews and recommendations and links to article and video please follow me on Book Nation by Jen to Google, coming together and sharing a meal is the most communal and binding thing in almost every place in the world Eating together, and eating at all is usually considered a good thing, but after reading Rosella Postorino s latest novel you may just change your mind Based on

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    3.5 stars, rounded down Didn t follow through with what was promised Let s talk about the pace of this book first It was a slow start It took me 140 pages all of Part 1 and the beginning of Part 2 to emotionally connect with Rosa Given that the book is only 275 pages, that s a significant amount of time spent on building Rosa s moral struggle without being exposed to it I m not sure how to des

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