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Angel of Oblivion Angel Of Oblivion Is Based On The Experiences Of Maja Haderlap S Family And The Slovenian Speaking Minority In Southern Austria, Many Of Whom Fought As Partisans Against The Nazis During The Second World War The Story Centers On The Experiences Of A Young Girl Learning To Navigate The Terrain Between Two Hostile Communities And Two Extremely Burdened Languages Slovenian, A Language Of Heroic Resistance And Continued Humiliation, And German, An Escape From Her Stifling Rural Upbringing But Also The Language Of The Camps Which Her Grandmother Barely Survived And Many Other Family Members Didn T Engaging With Themes Of Tolerance And Integration Of Minority Communities, The Burden Of History, The Effects Of Conflicts On Survivors And Their Children, And Language S Role In Shaping Identity, Haderlap S Novel Strikes At Problems Of Paramount Importance To Our World Today

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    Relatively alinear, absolutely eastern European, associative, autobiographical or at least very true seeming novel mostly about the narrator

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    Erschreckend, die Erinnerung an Verschleppung, Lager und Tod, die noch in den n chsten Generationen weiterwirkt, wie ins Erbgut eingeschrieben Maja Haderlap hat

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    This book is presented as a novel, but it s hard, in reading it, not to think of it as a memoir I have given some thought to what makes a novel read as a memoir and I can

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    Mostly not my kind of thing, but extremely artful and interesting in its own way The early chapters are bucolic, which is nice for about twenty pages, but perhaps ran on for too lo

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    See my full review on YouTube here was easy to love this imperfect novel translated from the German by Tess Lewis and overlook its flaws because of all that worked a powerful tale about a yo

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    Het landschap van mijn kinderjarenMaja Haderlap 1961 beschrijft in het ego document De engel van het vergeten de dieptrieste en ontzagwekkend ervaringen uit haar jeugd Een jeugd die overspoeld is door

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    This book has been on my shelf for a few months When I started to read it I recognized some of the location names because I had just been putting together the itinerary for a trip my husband and I will be takin

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