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Ancient Empires: From Mesopotamia to the Rise of Islam Giri ile beraber 15 b l mden olu an eser, Mezopotamya da imparatorluk fikrini olu turabilecek dinamiklerinden, Emevi Devleti nin y k l na kadar konu edinir Asur mparatorlu u, Babil mparatorlu u, Pers Ahameni imparatorlu u anlat ld ktan sonra yonya ve Yunan k lt r dinamikleri anlat l r Yunan k lt r etkisi i inde olan Makedonya, Perslere son vererek Do u ve Bat aras nda etkile imi h zland r r Yahudilik konusu da kitap boyunca sat r aralar nda anlat lmakla beraber, Makkabiler e k k bir b l m ayr lm t r Ahameni mparatorlu u nu y kan skender in mparatorlu u uzun m rl olmaz ve komutanlar aras nda b l l r sava la Hindistan da bu d nemde t m Hindistan a hakim olan bir imparatorluk kurulur Kitap Roma n n y kseli ini ve Krall k dan cumhuriyet e ge i ini konu edindikten sonra, imparatorlu a d n mesi ve Akdeniz e hakim ol Solid book but not written in an engaging manner Some missed opportunities and some adherence to outdated ideas e.g Romanization. This book is an exceptional overview of ancient history I should know, I spent a year editing it for Dr Graham I also created the index using some nifty software from Cambridge University Press Basically, it rocks. EAS PDF Epub Ancient Empires From Mesopotamia To The Rise Of Islam Author Eric H Cline Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us Ancient Empires Is A Relatively Brief Yet Comprehensive Even Handed Overview Of The Ancient Near East, The Mediterranean Europe, Including The Greco Roman World, Late Antiquity The Early Muslim Period Taking A Focused Thematic Approach, It Aims To Provoke A Discussion Of An Explicit Set Of Themes Supplemented By The Reading Of Ancient Sources By Focusing On Empires Imperialism As Well As Modes Of Response Resistance, It S Relevant To Current Discussions About Order, Justice Freedom The Book Concludes That Some Of The Ancient World S Most Enduring Ideas, Value Systems Institutions Were Formulated By Peoples Who Were Resisting The Great Empires It Analyzes The Central, If Problematic, Connection Between Political Ideological Power In Both Empire Formation Resistance The Intricate Interrelations Among Ideological, Economic, Military Political Power Are Explored For Every Empire Resisting Group.

About the Author: Eric H. Cline

DR ERIC H CLINE is the former Chair of the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and current Director of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at The George Washington University A National Geographic Explorer, NEH Public Scholar, and Fulbright scholar with degrees from Dartmouth, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania, he is an active field archaeologist with 30

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