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Small Book What an interesting book About The Book Why Are Identity Cards Important, Even For Gods How Can You Tell A Deva From A Manava How Would You Find A Particular God In A Crowd Of Gods One Day, When Krishna Wanted To Board An Aeroplane, He Was Not Allowed To All Because He Did Not Have An Identity Card Then His Friends Garuda And Sesha Took Him To Meet Lata Kumari In Guwahati, Who Told Him The Story Of Anasuya And The Ashwini Twins, And Why Rishi Chavan Made A Rule That All Gods Should Carry A Dhvaja A Flag With Each God S Very Own Symbol Did Krishna Get His Identity Card So He Could Ride The Aeroplane Finally About The Author Dr Devdutt Pattanaik Studied Medicine But Decided He Loves Telling Stories Better He Feels Stories Are Like Eclair Sweets If You Chew Long Enough, You Get A Burst Of Chocolate That Is Locked Inside So Rather Than Working As A Doctor, He Decided To Write And Tell Ancient Indian Stories And Reveal The Idea Chocolate Locked Within Them He Believes These Stories Are The Gifts Of Our Ancestors He Has Been Doing This For A Long Time And Even Uses The Wisdom Of These Stories To Help Businesses He Is Currently Chief Belief Officer Of Future Group To Know Visit Devdutt Fun in Devlok: An Identity Card for Krishna

About the Author: Devdutt Pattanaik

Dr Devdutt Pattanaik born December 11, 1970 is an Indian physician turned leadership consultant, mythologist and author whose works focus largely on the areas of myth, mythology, and also management He has written a number of books related to Hindu mythology, including Myth Mithya A Handbook of Hindu Mythology, a novel, The Pregnant King, and Jaya An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata 2010.He is the Chief Belief Officer of Future Group, one of India s largest retailers, bringing the wisdom of Indian mythology into Indian business, especifically in human resource management He also writes a column for the newspaper MID DAY.He has also written a novel based on a tale from the Mahabharata titled The Pregnant King published by Penguin Books India

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