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An Extraordinary Time An Extraordinary Time Free Download Author Marc Levinson Thomashillier.co.uk The Decades After World War II Were A Golden Age Across Much Of The World It Was A Time Of Economic Miracles, An Era When Steady Jobs Were Easy To Find And Families Could See Their Living Standards Improving Year After Year And Then, Around 1973, The Good Times Vanished The World Economy Slumped Badly, Then Settled Into The Slow, Erratic Growth That Had Been The Norm Before The War The Result Was An Era Of Anxiety, Uncertainty, And Political Extremism That We Are Still Grappling With Today.In An Extraordinary Time, Acclaimed Economic Historian Marc Levinson Describes How The End Of The Postwar Boom Reverberated Throughout The Global Economy, Bringing Energy Shortages, Financial Crises, Soaring Unemployment, And A Gnawing Sense Of Insecurity Politicians, Suddenly Unable To Deliver The Prosperity Of Years Past, Railed Haplessly Against Currency Speculators, Oil Sheikhs, And Other Forces They Could Not Control From Sweden To Southern California, Citizens Grew Suspicious Of Their Newly Ineffective Governments And Rebelled Against The High Taxes Needed To Support Social Welfare Programs Enacted When Coffers Were Flush.Almost Everywhere, The Pendulum Swung To The Right, Bringing Politicians Like Margaret Thatcher And Ronald Reagan To Power But Their Promise That Deregulation, Privatization, Lower Tax Rates, And Smaller Government Would Restore Economic Security And Robust Growth Proved Unfounded Although The Guiding Hand Of The State Could No Longer Deliver The Steady Economic Performance The Public Had Come To Expect, Free Market Policies Were Equally Unable To Do So The Golden Age Would Not Come Back Again.A Sweeping Reappraisal Of The Last Sixty Years Of World History, An Extraordinary Time Forces Us To Come To Terms With How Little Control We Actually Have Over The Economy.

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    Very descriptive history of the end of the post war boom in the 1970s This is a period I read about a lot It is a place of turns for the worse a point where things went terribly wrong This period should getattention than the 1960s or 1980s It is a point of departure a watershed where things were going in a good direction to where things

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    This review was written in multiple parts over a working dayAn Extraordinary Time The End of the Postwar Boom and the Return of the Ordinary Economy by Marc Levinson is an examination of the economic downturn in the 1970 s and a look at what Levinson terms as the end of the post WWII boom After WWII, many Western nations, as well as Japan, exper

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    Stunning analysis of the economic history of the 1970s I find an apt comparison between the ungovernabilty of that era and the present, which both led to sharp turns toward the right in the capitalist democracies.

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    I thought that this book was generally boring but it spurred quite a heated discussion in my book group.

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    Levinson explains how the world economies in the Gold Age, from the World War II to the Oil Shock, had well performed with high economic growth rate, low inflation rate and low unemployment rate Such a good performance of the world economies significantly contributed for the improvement of human well being in major advanced countries on the one hand, while the politicians

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    The Annual GDP growth for the US has dropped from a high of 5% in the sixties to around 1.5% currently If you look at China or India, they are roughly in the 7% range in the current times But it wasn t always like this If you are curious to learn about the ups and downs of the world economies starting from World War 2, Marc has a wealth of knowledge that he shares with us in his p

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    By 1978, the tide of deregulation had advanced so far that in France, where the state had dominated the economy since the age of Louis XIV, the government abolished controls on the price of bread for the first time in 185 years 113 It may have been the toilet paper situation that awoke Japan to the dangers ahead In late October 1973, just as the Arab oil producers were raising prices and c

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    The new normal the expression, appears only in the last few pages of An Extraordinary Time But Marc Levinson gives ample clues that the new normal, in various guises, has persisted since the stagflation of the early 1970s If central governments have failed to address economic woes coherently since then, it is because their actions are almost always counterproductive A latent theme coursing through

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    Great modern history survey concise no future postuations.

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    This is an odd book It purports to demonstrate that mature economies, such as the US, Western Europe, and Japan, can grow rapidly in special circumstances basically, he uses the recovery from WW2 as his example , and then settle back to lower growth for the long term What he actually does, is spend two short chapters on the postwar boom, the rest of the book on the difficult decade following the oil shock of 1973, a

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