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Luckiest Girl Alive 2.5 StarsWhew LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE turned out to be a very long and tedious read for me that I really struggled to finish.In a nutshell, this story is about a damaged, but fortunate 28 year old womanwith a secret pastwho is in the process of planning her wedding soon to be part of a very affluent family, while at the same time, ruminating about an upcoming documentary depicting a disastrous and shocking time in her young 14 year old life. Got to the halfway mark, realized I didn t really feel like reading about rich, white people problems Therefore, DNF. Sa Vie Parfaite Est Un Parfait Mensonge Adolescente, TifAni FaNelli A Connu, La Prestigieuse Bradley School, Une Terrible Humiliation Publique Qui L A Contrainte Se R Inventer Totalement Aujourd Hui, Elle A Un Boulot Glamour, Une Garde Robe Hors De Prix Et Un Fianc Beau Et Riche Elle Est Deux Doigts De Cette Vie Parfaite Qu Elle A Tant Travaill Obtenir Mais TifAni A Un Secret Son Pass , Qui N A Cess De La Hanter, Menace De Resurgir Et De Tout D Truire Sur Son Passage Premier Roman De Jessica Knoll, American Girl Est Un Page Turner Implacable Et Sexy. Record breaking one starBut remember, when a book has controversial, disagreeing ratings, often it s something to look forward to My way of promoting the book despite myselfI am a very principled reader in such a way that I stick to my no dnf rule It has been very easy to uphold this attitude on reading because of all the books I ve read, I could only count with my fingers those that I wanted to dnf This book though managed to make me question my stubborn principle.But because I m just too proud to violate my own rule, I had to go through the most agonizingly painstaking reading experience But seriously, I have wanted to dnf this since the first 20 percent , The title, the blurb, the cover, the comparison to Gone Girl WHAT TRICKERY The following are the reasons this book is not for me but not necessarily not for you too The story, told I WAS TRICKED With all the comparisons this has received to Gillian Flynn s books, I was expecting a well written, twisted thriller What I got was writing filled with overwrought similes seriously Way too many damn similes and horrible, boring characters And not horrible in the way that you love how horrible they are, but just Uninteresting The characters felt l Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll is a 2015 Simon Schuster publication.When this book was first released and making the rounds on Goodreads, the cover was so enticing, but the reviews were mixed I hemmed and hawed over it, unable to decide if I wanted to read it or not But, as time passed, and all the hype died down, I forgot all about this book But, when I noticed this author had a new release coming up soon, I thought I d go back and give this book a second look The reviews were still mixed, but this time, instead of scaring me away, it only increased my curiosity It seemed people either loved it or hated it I had to see which side of the fence I would come down on Ani s life is golden She has a job at a very popular women s magazine and is engaged to Luke, a good looking, wealthy guy, and is ready to embark on, what appears on the surface, a charmed life She embraces the role completely, replete with an entitled, snobby, snotty attitude But, maintaining that image, is hard work It seems Ani is also working mighty hard to convince herself, she s as close to happy as she s ever going to get, and that her chosen path is the right one for her Further complicating matters, is that her dark and troubling past has come I tried to get into this book I truly did, but couldn t stand the authors writing style or the main character. Somewhere between 3 and 3.5 stars.Well, I think it had been a few days since I saw a book compared to Gone Girl so thankfully we didn t lose a step Truthfully, though, other than the fact that both books have the word Girl in their title, I don t know what they have in common, so maybe someone else can explain the need to compare the two.Ani FaNelli finally has it all She s engaged to a gorgeous, wealthy man from a notable family He makes her feel safe and secure, and allows her to buy the designer wardrobe she needs to fit in She also has a terrific job, writing for one of the most popular women s magazines, and while she is wearying of writing sex column after sex column, her boss promises a tantalizing opportunity not far in the future.But in her teenage years, Ani, then known as TifAni, longed desperately to fit in, to be considered part of the popular crowd at the prestigious Bradley School Her need to belong led herself to be vulnerable than she would have been ordinarily, and although she quickly was befriended by a sarcastic group of outcasts, she wanted to be invited to the in crowd s lunch table, to be best friends with the girls everyone talked about.A decision made in a split second made her the target of a humiliating event, and so while she became the talk of the school, it wasn t for the reasons she had hoped But that event set her and her classmates on a dangerous course, one which will She didn t have anything in her teeth I took my time leaning over the table, slurped my wine from the rim to spare my white jeans Never fuck with a rich white bitch and her white jeans Not in her teeth Up her ass, on the other hand Luke s laugh was the standing ovation He shook his head, impressed You can be pretty vicious, you knowThis book was sold with a blurb as being for fans of Gone Girl With all due respect, there is no comparison It is The Devil Meets Prada or Four Blondes than anything else At best, it is the poor man s Gone Girl, a fake 5 knockoff of the original.There is no arguing who is the superior writer Flynn s words have power Knoll s words feel emotionless Paraphrased Here is a comparison of two paragraphs.First, FlynnMen always say that as the defining compliment, don t they She s a cool girl Being the Cool Girl means I am a hot, brilliant, funny woman who adores football, poker, dirty jokes, and burping, who plays video games, drinks cheap beer, loves threesomes and anal sex, and jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth like she s hosting the world s biggest culinary gang bang while somehow m You only scream when you re finally safe.this book is kind of like if the lifetime channel exploded, causing lifetime confetti to go everywhere.but i don t think that s a bad thing.a lot of people have had really strong negative reactions to this book, but since this seems to be the year that i like th

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