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The Second Book In A Hilarious Illustrated Middle Grade POB Series For Reluctant Readers Starring A Vampire Girl, Amelia Fang Welcome To The World Of Nocturnia, Where Darkness Reigns Supreme, Glitter Is Terrifying, And Unicorns Are The Stuff Of Nightmares Amelia Fang And Her Friends Love Their Dark And Gloomy World Of Nocturnia But When Tangine S Mom, Queen Fairyweather, Goes Missing, They Must Brave The Journey To The Terrifying Kingdom Of The Light.With Fairies And Angel Kittens Lurking Around Every Corner, Who Can They Trust And Will They Finally Uncover The Real Villain Keeping The Kingdoms Of Light And Dark Mortal Enemies Amelia Fang and the Unicorns of Glitteropolis

About the Author: Laura Ellen Anderson

Laura Ellen Anderson is the illustrator of several books for children, as well as the author illustrator of the graphic novel Evil Emperor Penguin Laura Ellen Anderson lives in London.

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    This follows on from the first book in the Amelia Fang series Amelia Fang and Barbaric Ball This introduced readers Amelia and her family her father, Count Drake the Third, her mother, Countess Frivoleeta, her pet pumpkin, Squashy, and the rest of her household Amelia, and her family, live in Fang Mansion, in Nocturnia, the City in the Kingdom of the Dark, complete with Nocturnia Palace, Ricket

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    Amelia is back, and she is going on a quest to the Kingdom of Light to find Tangine s mom Of course she brings her friends and Tangine s dad with her Even after reading I am still very much excited, this book was absolutely fabulous, fun, hilarious, sparkly, pointy, and I had a lot of fun seeing the characters in their well paper thin disguises It amazes me that throughout the book no one noticed

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    This is an amazing book

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    I absolutely loved Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball when it was released last year and I m pleased to say that this sequel was even better Now that Amelia and her friends have discovered that the Creatures of the Light are nothing to be feared, this book has the scope to explore their world, and it s very different to Amelia s home Everything is bright, trains run on rainbows and all the food is full o

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    Just as good, if not slightly better than the first This story continues from the first and is beautifully illustrated throughout.

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    BUCHINFOS Amalia von Flatter Wer hat Angst vor Einh rnern Autor Laura Ellen Anderson Serie Amalia von Flatter 2 Seiten 240 Einband gebunden Erschienen am 06.09.2018 ISBN 978 3 505 14087 7 Preis D 12,00 Verlag Schneiderbuch COVER Schon beim ersten Band hatte ich das Cover und die Illustrationen gelobt, weil sie einfach total gelungen und sch n ausgearbeitet sind Und das ist auch hier bei Band 2 von Amalia von

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    I always really worry about sequels, one too many times i ve read the next book in the series and been deeply disappointed, thankfully though Amelia Fang and The Unicorn Lords is NOT one of those sequels Equally as funny and brilliantly written as it s predecessor, Amelia Fang only gets better and better This time i m looking forward to the next sequel knowing that author Laura Ellen Anderson is always on the ba

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    I read this at bedtime whilst my 6 yr old daughter had her Early Reader Royal Fairy chapter book out However I found someone reading over my shoulder and tonight I said she could start it from the beginning Lots of short chapters for young readers getting confident Lots of witty pictures and not too much writing on each page Some pages are white writing on black I loved the friendship story in book one and this is

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    Polecam, polecam i jeszcze raz polecam Nie tylko dziewczynkom wbrew stereotypom, bo jest ni g wna bohaterka , ale r wnie ch opcom wszak mamy tu i Kostka Ponuraka, syna kr la, ksi cia Tad ina Ta histori...

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    I picked this up because of Grimaldi honestly It spoke to my inner goth child It was really interesting to see what kids books are like now, I don t remember so many poop jokes when I was a kid but the story itself was really interesting and I loved the cute...

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