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Alligators PDF Epub Alligators Author Guy N Smith Jwdfitness.co.uk Four Animal Rights Activists Break Into Their Local Zoo And Free All The Alligators In The Reptile House This Turns Out To Be A Bad Idea As Two Are Soon Eaten Alive By Killer Ian Caimans, Who Then Make A Speedy Exit Into The Nearby Countryside One Of The Group Confesses Everything To The Local Vet, Who Has Been Roped In To The Gator Hunt As The Nearest Local Thing To An Expert On The Creatures He S Having Problems With The Police And The Army Who Both Want To Shoot The Gators Once And For All, While He Merely Wants To Tranquillise Them And Return Them To The Zoo. This is the second of Smith s books I ve read this year, the other being terrible, glorious trainwreck that was Maneater, and of the two Alligators is definitely the competent effort It s certainly not good, don t get me wrong, but while Maneater was basically just Smith s personal manifesto, a collection of insane rants about the evils of gun control and why shooting animals is great, there is at least something resembling a horror story here.That s not to say he manages to rein in his politics for this one, though The villain of the piece is an insane, homicidal animal rights activist who is driven into murderous rages whenever he sees what he perceives as cruelty to animals Smith is keen to show that he never really cares for the animals, as in Smith s world it is the hunters who are the true animal lovers animal rights activists are either naive kids needing to be shown the light or actual maniacs.The other main message Smith seems to want to get over is that women are shit They re all whores who deserve to be bitten in half by alligators for losing their virginity before 18, you see, and he revels in both graphic descriptions of their naked bodies they always seem to find some excuse to take their clothes off before being mauled by alligators and the process of them being torn apart.The absolute standout for me though is our hero, a middle aged veterinarian who is also against animal rights for some reason who, on finding out a 16 year old gi

About the Author: Guy N. Smith

I was born on November 21, 1939, in the small village of Hopwas, near Tamworth, Staffordshire, England My mother was a pre war historical novelist E M Weale and she always encouraged me to write.I was first published at the age of 12 in The Tettenhall Observer, a local weekly newspaper Between 1952 57 I wrote 56 stories for them, many serialized In 1990 I collated these into a book entitled

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