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All These Beautiful Strangers All These Beautiful Strangers Kindle Epub Author Elizabeth Klehfoth Capitalsoftworks.co.uk A Young Woman Haunted By A Family Tragedy Is Caught Up In A Dangerous Web Of Lies And Deception Involving A Secret Society In This Highly Charged, Addictive Psychological Thriller That Combines The Dishy Gamesmanship Of Gossip Girl With The Murky Atmosphere Of The Secret History.One Summer Day, Grace Fairchild, The Beautiful Young Wife Of Real Estate Mogul Alistair Calloway, Vanished From The Family S Lake House Without A Trace, Leaving Behind Her Seven Year Old Daughter, Charlie, And A Slew Of Unanswered Questions.Years Later, 17 Year Old Charlie Still Struggles With The Dark Legacy Of Her Family Name And The Mystery Surrounding Her Mother Determined To Finally Let Go Of The Past, She Throws Herself Into Life At Knollwood, The Prestigious New England School She Attends Charlie Quickly Becomes Friends With Knollwood S It Crowd.Charlie Has Also Been Tapped By The A S The School S Elite Secret Society Well Known For Terrorizing The Faculty, Administration, And Their Enemies To Become A Member Of The A S, Charlie Must Play The Game, A Semester Long, Diabolical High Stakes Scavenger Hunt That Will Jeopardize Her Friendships, Her Reputation, Even Her Place At Knollwood.As The Dark Events Of Past And Present Converge, Charlie Begins To Fear That She May Not Survive The Terrible Truth About Her Family, Her School, And Her Own Life. This felt like a very interesting YA adult novel hybrid, with it s focus on both Charlie Calloway in 2017 and her parents in the 1990s With Charlie s mother s disappearance, and the mysterious death of a boy on campus, there are than a few secrets hidden by the Calloways, and as the book slowly unfolds, you get all the answers The three POVs and different time periods means there s often dramatic irony in the relaying of information, so mostly I was waiting for Charlie to catch up on things I d already read being admitted There was a lot of elements to this book that I enjoyed, like the secret society at the boarding school very Frankie Landau Banks and Charlie joining the school paper, but I think I would have liked it if the story was heavily weighted on Charlie being a detective, rather than just given information by uncles and friends of the family Secondary characters swarmed this book, and I cared quite a lot for Drew and Grayson, but the focus on the parent storylines meant their prominence was weak I did like that I couldn t put my fin Let me begin this review with LOOK AT THAT COVER Doesn t it just scream summer So gorgeous I actually did spend the day at the beach with my toes in the sand, sun on my shoulders, and this book in my hand What a glorious day Now to the story Elizabeth Klehfoth has written a clever YA mystery novel Is it all completely believable No, it isn t Is it a fun page turner Absolutely Charlie Calloway is the wealthy daughter of Allistair Calloway who is a highly regarded real estate mogul in NYC When Charlie was 7 years old her mother, Grace, left and never returned Charlie is now attending the prestigious Knollwood Prep where a secret society of sorts called the A s have tagged her to become an initiate into this elite group You are then presented tasks to complete by a certain time If you don t complete your task you will be outed by the group in the most humiliating of ways and which will than likely lead to your expulsion That is how powerful this group is They seem to have rank over everyone, students and staff alike The thing is that no one knows who is part of the A s except the A s themselves What happens in the group stays in the group Period Charlie has always questioned her mother s disappearance Why would she leave her and h Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest A beautiful story about families, love, betrayal, the difference between the rich and poor, and a girl that tries to discover what happened to her missing mother, while discovering herself. Charlie Calloway has a life most people would kill for a tight knit family, a loyal set of friends, and top grades a privileged boarding school But Charlie s never been interested in what most people want Like all Calloways, she s been taught that she s different, special better So when her school s super exclusive secret society extends a mysterious invitation, Charlie s determination to get in is matched only by her conviction that she belongs there But their secrets go deeper than she knows.Charlie finds herself thrust into the centre of a decades old mystery one that implicates her family in not one terrible crime, but two Uncovering their past may destroy everything she knows All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth is a young adult mystery that is told from multiple points of view and several timelines Reading this one I had the thought that the author successfully made a book stew, she managed to combine a couple of mysteries and some drama into an interesting story.First we have seventeen year old Charlie Calloway who is a junior at the prestigious Knollwood and looking forward to joining Knollwood s secret elite society, the As Charlie is ready to put her past behind her and step out of the shadow of her family name so when invited to join the high stakes scavenger hunt that begins the initiation into the As Charlie is excited to join the in crowd.Ten years before when Charlie was seven her mother had gone missing and even a decade later there were never any definite answers to what happened Rumors still swirl that Charlie s father had murdered Grace but evidence points to Grace having planned to leave the marriage and disappear.And then twenty years earlier there was another mystery that involved Charlie s family Her mother had been good friends with a boy named Jake who had attended Knollwood back then and had been said to commit suicide Grace had never really believed of the suicide and blamed herself for not knowing what was goin

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