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The Day After The Funeral All Our Mourning Clothes Hung Out On The Line Like Sleeping Bats This Will Be Really Embarrassing, I Kept Saying To My Family, When She Shows Up At The Door In A Week Or Two When Deena S Wild And Mysterious Sister Mandy Disappears Presumed Dead Her Family Are Heartbroken But Mandy Has Always Been Troubled It S Just Another Bad Thing To Happen To Deena S Family Only Deena Refuses To Believe It S TrueAnd Then The Letters Start Arriving Letters From Mandy, Claiming That Their Family S Blighted History Is Not Just Bad Luck Or Bad Decisions But A Curse, Handed Down Through The Generations Mandy Has Gone In Search Of The Curse S Roots, And Now Deena Must Find Her What They Find Will Heal Their Family S Rotten Past Or Rip It Apart Forever All the Bad Apples

About the Author: Moïra Fowley-Doyle

Mo ra Fowley Doyle is half French, half Irish and lives in Dublin with her husband, two daughters and two cats Mo ra s French half likes red wine and dark books in which everybody dies Her Irish half likes tea and happy endings.Mo ra spent several years at university studying vampires in young adult fiction before concentrating on writing young adult fiction with no vampires in it whatsoever Sh

10 thoughts on “All the Bad Apples

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    Idk anything about this book BUT i m willing to read this book just because of the cover,,,, hOW CAN A PERSON BE THIS BEAUTIFUL I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND

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    Such an impactful story with messages and writing that are bothhaunting Full review to come ARC received at ALA

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    This book is a very Fowley Doyle story If you ve read her before, you ll know exactly what I mean she infuses her twisty whimsy, her magical storyweaving, her mysterious realism into a narrative that has deeper, darker, roots In ALL THE BAD APPLES it s about women, it s about shame, it s about family.Full review to come on release date I received an ARC from

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    All the Bad Apples has everything you should expect from a Mo ra Fowley Doyle novel beautiful atmosphere, blurred lines between the magical and the ordinary, and queer characters At the same time, it s so much darker and angrier than usual.This felt like the bookish equivalent of a scream.You might think this is a story about a lesbian who has a very tr

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    hey btw,

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    I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD spellbook of the lost and found was mind blowing, and i m almost sure this book is going to snatch my wig as wellwe also have a lesbian mc in this one iconic af

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    I quite enjoyed the Irish setting of the story, the writing was lovely and descriptive enough and a diverse cast of characters was obviously a plus The plot, however, relied a lot on stories about the past and it got repetitive quite soon while also interfering with the development of characters in the present time So I enjoyed this novel but I wish it went into a diffe

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    I received a physical ARC of this book from bookcon, and I would love to personally thank the girl who recommended it me because I ABSOLUTELY loved this story It is such an important read for women today All The Bad Apples is also based on true events that sparked the author to write it It s so raw and so real, but also has supernatural magical aspects to it The lore of th

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    I started this book with no expectations whatsoever And while it wasn t 100% perfect some parts felt a bit all over the place it was really great Some twists were really predictable but i was hooked nonetheless All the bad apples tells the story of Deena, a seventeen year old girl with an odd family her mother died when she was still a baby, her father did not raise her but l

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    ARC provided via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewFull RTC but I fucking love this book.

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