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Alanna: The First Adventure Becoming A Legend Is Not Easy, As Young Alana Of Trebond Discovers When She Disguises Herself As A Boy And Begins Training To Be A Knight Filled With Swords And Sorcery, Adventure And Intrigue, Good And Evil, This Audiobook Is A Rousing Introduction To The Intensely Satisfying Story Of Alanna.Length 05 09 16 Hey, at least I tried.Shorted version of the full review The full one felt like an academic paper on why I dont like this book and series so I had to cut some parts Oh, how easy it is talking about books I dont like Also fun Be warned, this review contains my thoughts for this book and some minor big spoilers for rest of the series I ve done some reading and research which are tagged as spoilers and hidden from virgin eyes For myself, and I suspect many people, books we read and love as children acquire blind spots of handwavium from sheer sentiment unless we reread them as adults with a critical, rather than nostalgic, mindset I m an adult reading this and I m not ashamed at reading this and I m gonna poke fun at it You like this book Fine I m totally ok with that So please be ok with me kinda poking fun at this one as well And dont you dare tell me it gets better Dont you dare I m warning you D TEN REASONS WHY I DONT LIKE THIS BOOK SERIES Reason 1 For those who don t know, the series is about a girl named Alanna who wants to be a knight, so she disguises herself as a boy and switches places with her twin brother Thus he gets sent to learn how to be a wizard God, Alanna, why don t you want to be a wizard and she goes off to learn knightly stuff BO RING Kidding..Kinda That s Harry Potter lover in In retrospect, this is not a perfect novel, or series of novels, but when I think of who I wanted to be when I was ten years old, my answer was always Alanna And I still have a crush on George. 3.5 starsFinally read this gasp for our classics discussion Friday, 11 27 Our special guest will be the wonderful author Andrea K H st, and I ll post a link when it s live.I enjoyed this very much, but it felt like a first book, with rough transitions a This is the first book in a series written for the younger end of the young adult readership, but which is still of interest to readers of any age.Alanna The First Adventure is a fantasy set in a place where magic is common and knights are trained in the ways of chivalry Alanna is fighting against the constraints of being female in such a society and having dressed herself as a boy she sets off to be trained as a page with the hope of a knighthood in the future I enjoyed the story and the characters As a young person s book it is 3.5 5 This was a super fun read, however it definitely reads like it was written for children which it was I probably would have ADORED this if I had read it as a kid, but as an adult it just wasn t quite up to my expectations The world and magic aren t very complex or explained in great detail, and we don t get to know the characters super well, but as a book written for kids it was pretty great We have a super strong female lead, a OH MY GOD SO GOOD.I m so mad I didn t start this series earlier It s so similar to Harry Potter in the way that it s just a feel good book with interesting characters and the best friendships MAGIC anyway, on to book two my longest and most terrible Not really a review, a memory I can pinpoint the origin of these books with the most clarity I remember being handed the first one by a librarian, and begging my parents to buy it for me when I had to turn it back in I remember then begging the librarian to tell me the date the next one was expected to release that was the only way to find out, in those d After reading three paranormal urban fantasy romances in a row, you can only imagine how happy I was to read, not only something different, but something GOOD Good is the best description I can give of Alanna I wouldn t say it was great It gets pretty close to it, though Some parts of it seem unrealistic to me Alanna being so readily accepted by the boys etc But the story is short, fun, action packed with magic and mystery and high adventure.Alanna it a great character Stubborn, cheeky, doubtful of herself The supporting characters, ranging from Prince Jonathan, Sir Myles and King George are all great Gary, Raoul and Alex are never fully realized but that s only to be expected with such a short book.It is the rather typical girl in boy s clothing story but the writing is rather good and the sense of fun than makes up for some of the predictability The end isn t quite the blazing glory that I d hope for but it wasn t too bad and there s many books to follow so I can t wait.Over all a thoroughly enjoyable read and I can t wait to devour the sequels Edited to Add I just had to mention something, possibly the one thing that really annoyed me There s this evil character in the book, The king s nephew He s clearly evil and it s made very obvious to the reader, but despite all of the I probably would have liked this better if I d read it for the first time when I was younger The heroine is a fairly typical spunky fantasy female, she s a little too perfect and good at everything The story is okay but not especially memorable It takes place over several years, though the passage of time seems a little muddy and the only real sense of it is that sometimes Alanna will mention her age It s written

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