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Adam, Enough Said Our Past Was Painful And A Lot Of Mistakes Were Made, But That Was Then This Is Now Mia Wants A Fight I Ll Give Her One She Wants To Leave Me I Ll Make Her Stay This Is Our Future She Belongs To Me Our Past Wasn T Just Painful, It Was Soul Shattering, And No Amount Of Time Will Change That Adam Wants A Fight Bring It He Won T Let Me Leave I Ll Make Him Pay This Is My Future I Don T Belong To Him Follow Adam And Mia S Journey Through The Deliciously Dysfunctional Madness They Like To Callmarriage Author S Note This Is The Third Book In The This Can T Be Happening Series, But It Can Be Read As A Stand Alone Author S Warning Mature Content, Lots Of Cussing As In, A LOT , A Five Foot Three, Redheaded, Terror Of A Woman And A Sexy, Possessive, Crazy, Hot Alpha Cop

About the Author: Lynda LeeAnne

Let s see I m a rookie romance author, passionate book lover, drama enthusiast, trouble maker hopeless romantic I m a wife, full time mother of two handsome little boys and step mother to a very beautiful pre teen I also work a full time 9 to 5 Writing has been a wonderful escape for me and I never realized how much fun it would be until I got started.Lexi, baby is my first novel and I can t believe I actually finished it When I first put fingers to keyboard, I imagined the book as a very short story, but I just kept going and going and going Now I have the next two books outlined and it s insane I might even have a fourth, but I m still undecided.I really hope you have an opportuniy to check it out The entire series will be fun, drama filled, oh my gawd gasping, did that just happen asking It will always include a very sexy alpha male and an equally sexy girl next door that may or may not know how to throw a punch You can check out updates on my Facebook Page Author Lynda LeeAnne or my website www.authorlyndaleeanne.com I would love to hear your feeback and, if you can, please leave a review on your favorite book seller s website, my contact page or Goodreads It would mean the world to me to hear from my fellow friends and readers.Lots of Love,Lynda LeeAnne 3

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    4 Freckles, you re my heart stars This is me, I m an asshole I m a jerk I say the wrong thing at the wrong time I always have and always willbut, Freckles, you re the only woman that will get me Do you understand Aaah Adam Loved him But the man needed a good whollup upside the head a few times He made up for it though by being all growly, possessive and loving, so all is forgotten Can you say whipped Yep Adam was whipped the minute he set his eyes on Mia Every other

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    5 Stars Cause I can and Adam s the shit Enough said.

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    May contain Minor Spoiler Mature content reader discretion advised.4 STARS out of 5Genre Contemporary RomanceSpecial note This book can be read as a standalone but I suggest you read the series, you MUST get know Landyn If you plan to read the series my review can be considered to have a minor spoiler in it Brief recapAt the end of Trish just Trish we are thrown through a loop when we learn that Adam is married This book picks up EXACTLY where book2 left off Adam is in a rush to g

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    3.75 to 4 tumultuous, bitches be crazy stars First off, the cover Ah mah zing The best cover out of the three and I loved the first one, but this cover right here is gorgeous Second, loved the note at the beginning of the book It sets the tone for what the book is all about You know right there and then that this book is going to take on a roller coaster of emotions It will piss you off, confuse you andimportantly, make you fall in love If it hadn t been for that note, I would hav 3.75 t

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    HUGE disappointment Compulsive manwhore who screws around for years with his separated wife who is the h, living nearby This is supposed to be a great love story Bullshit.

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    ARC provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review Adam, Enough Said was the best one in the series to date The anger, the angst and the passion all sucked me in that I read it in one sitting At some points I got so frustrated with the lack of communication that I considered doing harm to my kindle I LOVED MIA, as a heroine she was.The things Adam put her through I wanted to kill him at some points, he was lovable, loving, tender, protective and at the same time a complete a ARC provided by t

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    I like Lexi I loved Trish But Boy, Oh Boy Adam will live forever in my heart Not gonna lie, there were many times I wanted to slap him Or run him over with my car for that matter but I loved him nonetheless I had the opportunity to meet Lynda and she is the sweetest little thing ever Like I wanna put her in my pocket to carry her everywhere kinda sweet And she s one talented and humble young lady Adam made me cry and laugh And in one moment I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my c I like Lexi I loved Tr

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    All I want to do with this book is rewrite it Adam is an abusive, rude asshole and I really wish that Mia wasn t portrayed as a brainless woman who ran back to him so easily In the rewrite, Mia would dump Adam for being a lying asshole view spoiler who played a huge role in her losing the baby hide spoiler She d get a lawyer via legal aid and divorce him immediately Then meet a nice, good guy and move on with her life This author seems to like writing seriously abusive men and women All I want to do with this book

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    I was anticipating this book for months b c I am a huge fan of this author Unfortunately, there were a lot of things that I didn t like For example, the h is super annoying she accuses the H of sleeping with every women she sees or hears about Plus, she has no self esteem so she is always talking about how she is not pretty or attractive which causes people around her to go out of their way to tell her how gorgeous she is There is a point where Lex says she would be attracted to the h if it I was anticipating this book fo

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    Joint Reviewed on So how much were we dying for Adam s book Jenny We ve loved him since Lexi Baby and could not wait for his turn right Our hot cop with the filthy mouth and that protective and cocky presence made us swoon right Jenny Oh he certainly did G I ve had a HUGE crush on Adam all through this series and couldn t wait to get stuck into his story and what a presence this man is Come on.a filthy mouth, alpha hot cop well, what can we s Joint Reviewed on So how much were we dying for Adam s book Jenny We ve loved him since

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