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A Woman Is No Man Reading A Woman Is No Man Etaf Rum Pembspm.co.uk This Debut Novel By An Arab American Voice,takes Us Inside The Lives Of Conservative Arab Women Living In America.In Brooklyn, Eighteen Year Old Deya Is Starting To Meet With Suitors Though She Doesn T Want To Get Married, Her Grandparents Give Her No Choice History Is Repeating Itself Deya S Mother, Isra, Also Had No Choice When She Left Palestine As A Teenager To Marry Adam Though Deya Was Raised To Believe Her Parents Died In A Car Accident, A Secret Note From A Mysterious, Yet Familiar Looking Woman Makes Deya Question Everything She Was Told About Her Past As The Narrative Alternates Between The Lives Of Deya And Isra, She Begins To Understand The Dark, Complex Secrets Behind Her Community.

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    I d like to thank everyone who s taken the time to read Regardless of whether you loved the book or hated it, thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts here.

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    I was born without a voice, one cold, overcast day in Brooklyn, New York No one ever spoke of my condition I did not know I was mute until years later, when I d opened my mouth to ask for what I wanted and realized no one could hear me Deya Ra Ad, a Brooklyn teenager, had been raised by people who guarded old world beliefs and customs It was exp

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    This book like a gun blast to my chest, ripped my emotions and scatter them all over the places.This book made me sooo angry, this book made me cry, this book made me curse, hate the characters, made me feel sorry for the unfairness, inequality, ignorance There was not any exaggeration, there are too many women in the world suffering the rules from patria

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    THIS BOOK Holy shit To be completely honest, even as a Palestinian Muslim who has spent her entire life unapologetically refusing to abide by patriarchal norms, the concept of this book scared me So honest and raw, but so public Muslims all POC know too well that you don t air your dirty laundry You don t talk about all your shit in front of outsiders Even if it co

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    A look inside an embedded patriarchal culture Isra loves to read, books show her a wider world than the insular one where she lives Custom, however, dictates that women cannot continue with their schooling but must marry instead When a Palestinian family, one who now make their home in New York, travel back to Palestine to find a bride for their eldest son, Isra finds hersel

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    This is a heartbreaking story of three generations of Palestinian American women in one family..who have been oppressed by their culture Trying to find a voice in their world dominated by men.This was a deeply affecting novel, a fantastic debut..and I loved it

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    This is one of those stories that will dig in deep and make you want to scream at these cultures that undervalue women We know we are different physically but that s where it stops.Putting my anger aside, this is a beautifully written story of 2 Women who have migrated to America from Palestine and a daughter born in America.The struggle of upholding traditional customs while assimilating into

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    Sometimes you read a book and you have no idea where to start because your emotions are all over the place Am I right But I also want to write my review now because my emotions are fresh, and this book was an emotional ride from start to finish Told in two past timelines with different narrators, we mostly hear from eighteen year old Deya, and her mother, Isra We also occasionally hear from Fareeda, Deya

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    Find all of my reviews at Let me begin by saying that after my last experience with an internet famous author term used as loosely as possible since she didn t even write the thing, but failed to give credit where credit was due until being called out about it , there is zero chance I would have ever read this Unfortunately, I m not super hip on the times and as soon as I saw this was going to be a Book of the Mon

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    This Book is No Literary Masterpiece A Woman Is No Man definitely did not come close to meeting my expectations While the subject matter is indeed worthy the oppression of women in the Arab culture and the story full of potential the voiced experiences of three generations of Palestinian women I feel I have just read something of sub par quality.From the first chapter, I could not shed the impression that I w

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