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A Touch of Crimson From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Bared To YouAdrian Mitchell Is A Powerful Angel Leading An Elite Special Ops Unit Of Seraphim His Task Is To Punish The Fallen Angels Who Have Become Vampires And Command A Restless Pack Of Indentured Lycans But Adrian Has Suffered His Own Punishment For Becoming Involved With Mortals Losing The Woman He Loves Again And Again Now, After Nearly Two Hundred Years, He Has Found Her Shadoe Her Soul Once Inhabiting A New Body, With No Memory Of Him And This Time, He Won T Let Her Go

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    Ohmygosh, this blurb is one of the most touching ones that I have ever read Despite the slightly discouraging rating, I feel so compelled to read it Please, please don t let me be disappointedThat was what I felt about the book just before I added to my to read list Halfway through the book Oh dear, oh dear, what have I gotten myself into There s

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    Can a love that transcends death survive a war between angels, vampires, and lycans We re about to find out A Touch of Crimson is the first book in the Renegade Angels trilogy and takes us on a journey that has spanned millennia The trilogy chronicles the power struggles among Angels, Lycans, and Vampires as they vie for supremacy It s a story of love, loss

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    Why is it that I get all gooey when I see a guy on the cover with angel wings Darn me and my hopeless angel fixation

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    3.5 Stars

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    Ok, first off, I have read this authors Eve of series, so had very high hopes for this series to be just as good Unfortunatly for me, it just didn t hit the mark.I was plodding through the book asking myself why I didn t seem to be captured by the story It had everything I love in the genre Strong Alpha males conflicted by the situation they are in, A good idea for a baddy, A heroine who

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    4.25 stars review to come This book was chosen by you for my tbr list challenge, thank you I always love starting a new paranormal romance series Turning that first page, I am always excited that I am going to find a new favourite, one that I can continue on with.Sylvia Day has given me just that, one that is on par with some of my favourites.A Touch of Crimson is the first book in the Renegade An

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    Add another 3 stars By all that is holy, this is a tremendous book, definitely in the running for book of the year Before I ever read the first word of this book, before I even had the book in my possession, something just told me that this book was going to be big This book is massive Not literally, but impact wisesheesh It all started out with a group of Seraphim who were sent to Earth to watch over manki

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    HAVE YOU READ THIS BOOK YET If you answered, No , then you need to get your butt in gear and read it Now OMG I love everything about this book Of course, that shouldn t surprise me since it s Sylvia Day I ve only read her historicals so far, so I wasn t sure what to expect once I picked up one of her paranormals I was pretty certain I d love it, for Ms Day has never disappointed me But you just never know what will h

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    This review was posted at Under The Covers3.5 StarsThis book has a really good story The concept is really interesting But that being said, I think I was expectingaction,sex and a little less whining Don t get me wrong, I think it s written very well, and I d love to see this world developed a bit , but I felt that there was a lot of standing around talking and dragging things out.So the main idea behind this book is that ange

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    his book ensnared me right from the beginning I had to literally force myself to put it down when there were other things I needed to do I don t want to use cliches while trying to let you know how good this book is, but it was captivating I have read plenty of books about Angels, Lycans, and Vamps, but Sylvia take is unique compared to the books I have read in the past I am absolutely in love with Adrian and Lyndsay and I can t wait to

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