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A Springtime Miracle After The Ultimate Betrayal, Katie Has Had Enough Their Courtship Was Rocky Enough, But She S Reached Her Limit With His Philandering She Takes Their Daughter And Leaves Him Behind, But There Are Two Things That Could Complicate Her Uncomplicated Divorce Josh Might Be An Irresponsible Screw Up, But He Loves His Wife And Daughter And He Doesn T Want A Divorce The Other Complication Could Completely Destroy Her Hope Of A Clean And Easy Break If Josh Finds Out The Clock Is Ticking Will Josh Win By Stalling, Or Will Katie Win By Keeping Her Distance

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    This is RIDICULOUS The paragraph below was copied and pasted from this book It says they took the baby and a FEW miles and then they pulled into the hotel chain and then it says it took them four hours to get there This book is littered with mistakes like this and I m only a couple chapters in at the point I copied this I don t like the writing either,

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here He cheated on her over and over again with the same woman He initiated the cheating and did so even after his wife had a kid I m so disgusted by this one.

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    Zero hero is a dick.

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    Absolute rubbish

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    He cheated with the same woman over and over again even after the baby H is horrible and never redeemed The Ow is written like she s not bad but at the end of this book I think she shows her true colors.

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    Although I loved this series, I found this ending unsatisfying It didn t really feel like the cheating issue was dealt with.

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