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APolitical History of the World PDF Epub APolitical History Of The World Author Jonathan Holslag Bandcamptomp3.co.uk A Three Thousand Year History Of The World That Examines The Causes Of War And The Search For PeaceIn Three Thousand Years Of History, China Has Spent At Least Eleven Centuries At War The Roman Empire Was In Conflict During At Least 50 Per Cent Of Its Lifetime Since 1776, The United States Has Spent Over One Hundred Years At War The Dream Of Peace Has Been Universal In The History Of Humanity So Why Have We So Rarely Been Able To Achieve It In A Political History Of The World, Jonathan Holslag Has Produced A Sweeping History Of The World, From The Iron Age To The Present, That Investigates The Causes Of Conflict Between Empires, Nations And Peoples And The Attempts At Diplomacy And Cosmopolitanism A Birds Eye View Of Three Thousand Years Of History, The Book Illuminates The Forces Shaping World Politics From Ancient Egypt To The Han Dynasty, The Pax Romana To The Rise Of Islam, The Peace Of Westphalia To The Creation Of The United Nations.This Truly Global Approach Enables Holslag To Search For Patterns Across Different Eras And Regions, And Explore Larger Questions About War, Diplomacy, And Power Has Trade Fostered Peace What Are The Limits Of Diplomacy How Does Environmental Change Affect Stability Is War A Universal Sin Of Power At A Time When The Threat Of Nuclear War Looms Again, This Is A Much Needed History Intended For Students Of International Politics, And Anyone Looking For A Background On Current Events.

About the Author: Jonathan Holslag

Works as a postdoctoral fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders and teach international politics at the Free University Brussels His research focuses on the impact of China s rise on global politics, but he has also a strong interest in Europe s position in the changing global order The Dutch version of his latest book, How Europe Will Survive the Asian Century , came out in 2014 His first

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    A concise summary of conflict, war and peace from the beginning of states to the present Many wars are written, and many are left out We learn It also briefly describes how about war and peace were thought about I knew about most of it from prior reading, but it is always good to stay informed about the past I m a sucker for big history so I lapped it up The author wrote it to

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    It s nice to think of oneself as an eclectic reader, and I think for the most part I genuinely am, but recently I ve been experimenting with reading things that really are very off brand for me, and a three thousand year history of global diplomacy and warfare certainly qualifies Jonathan Holslag is a professor of international politics in Brussels, which is both an occupation an

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    Een geschiedenis van de laatste 3000 jaar en dan vooral over de in die tijd gevoerde oorlogen Dat zijn er veel en het eind is nog niet in zicht Wat het boek vooral laat zien is dat oorlogen van alle tijden zijn en door alle volkeren werden gevoerd Veel aandacht in dit boek voor China, India en het Perzische rijk En natuurlijk voor Europa Zuid Amerika en sub Sahara Afrika komen er w

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    This is a difficult book to rate and evaluate, on the one hand, it is very well written and contains a massive amount of information and knowledge For once, a world history book is not entirely western centric and a focus on the Middle East, South Asia, and China runs through it with almost the same attention that goes into the Western European part However, it falls short of coverin

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    This is a great overview of the rise and fall of the great, and small, states and empires over the last 3000 years, concentrating on China, India, the Middle East, and Europe with brief forays into the Americas What I really liked about it is that each chapter covers a couple of centuries and so put the various empires...

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    This is a wonderful book for anyone who wants an overview and grand sweeping tour of global history It does a fantastic job of taking a viewpoint that isn t completely Western centric, and, in fact, I d say the defining narrative of the book is that, since the dawn of man, the central powers of the world have drifted across continents The book mainly focuses on five major areas where emp

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    The set up of this book is terribly ambitious finding patterns in the distribution of power, political organization, interaction between political entities, relationship between man and planet and the nature of world politics, by giving an account of three thousand years of history in terms of war and peace The result is sometimes very boring literature, a long sequence of persons, regimes

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    In terms of how much I enjoyed the text, my rating would easily be Five Stars The words jump out to you yelling PAY ATTENTION And I did However, as a work of synthesis, there are small errors of historical dating, names and places not everywhere mind you, blink and miss Further, the lesson advanced at the end of our romp the benefits of knowledge edged with humility in our dealings with eac

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    How can you summarise 3000 years of wars and peace in 556 pages Holslag does a reasonably good job, partially he has an interesting framework He explains quite well this framework in the first chapter and it helps ps in reading the book But it is of course one ll one lens to look at political history I enjoyed reading the book, but his analysis of history is also deeply disturbing and pessimis

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    Ideaal om de geschiedenis op te frissen en verbanden te leggen met actuele politieke en sociaal economische ontwikkelingen De auteur rijgt alle belangrijke gebeurtenissen aan elkaar waardoor dit boek nooit verveeld Game of Thrones in sneltempo Voor mij een dikke 4 op 5 waard.

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