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A Pattern Of Islands The Funny, Charming, And Self Deprecating Adventure Story Of A Young Man In The Pacific Living For Thirty Years In The Gilbert Ellis Islands, Grimble Was Ultimately Initiated And Tattooed According To Local Tradition, But Not Before He Was Severely Tested, As When He Was Used As Human Bait For A Giant Octopus Beyond The Hilarious And Frightening Adventure Stories, A Pattern Of Islands Is Also A True Testament To The Life Of These Pacific Islanders Grimble Collected Stories From The Last Generation Who Could Remember The Full Glory Of The Old Pagan Ways This Is Anthropology With Its Hair Down.

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    Some of you will be wondering how I could choose a memoir by an actual colonial officer as my world challenge book for Kiribati The answer is that the country s literary presence seems limited to white men s expat memoirs Within that category, this appears to be the book based on the great

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    Arthur Grimble clearly cherished his years spent as a colonial official in the Gilbert and Ellis Islands He started his tenure as a young man with a new wife in 1914 and remained in the islands until 1933, although this book only relates his tale up to 1919 Grimble is honest about his naivete and in

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    This is a great book, funny and very well written, by a British civil servant who lived in the Gilbert Islands now Kiribati for nineteen years, from 1914 to 1933 Written in 1952, it recounts events a century old, so it definitely is dated, but it s worth reading nonetheless If you want to understandabout toda

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    Neophyte Nabob s Narrations of Natives NatureBack in 1914 a young colonial officer went off with his wife on his first assignment to the Gilbert Islands in the central Pacific These islands and their inhabitants had been under British rule for only 22 years at the time But unlike the stereotype of a pukka sahib, the al

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    My Dad told us that burping after a meal was considered polite in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands It is not in the UK He was a very gentle father who did not like having to tell us off, but when he did we remembered This is the book where he found that interesting little snippet of information.In 1913 Arthur Grimble went to the G

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    this is a most amazing book I m fascinated, entertained and gripped by the accounts he gives of the lives and feats of the then Gilbert Islanders and also by his own brilliant achievements, which he writes about with much modesty, but also with humour.I m delighted that not only is there a sequel of his to read written in the 50s, but als

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    I clearly remember the story of octopus fishing with human bait from my English classes in school some 30 years ago and decided the pleasant memory was not in too much danger from revisiting the autobiography.How glad I am that I did reread it.This is an end of empire story that is in serious danger of giving colonialism a good name The protagonist

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    Well it took me thirty years orto get around to reading this little treasure of a book which had sat on my bookshelves through many moves Once begun I could not put it down Faithfully recalling a life now long gone on the Gilbert and Ellis Islands and by turns funny, tragic, fascinating and challenging Arthur Grimble writes with a candid, nostalgic but confi

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    Grimble was an British govt administrator in Kiribati kir ee bas Gilbert Islands before and during WW2 His work is only matched or close to H E Maude A great non US Pacific read.

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    Well written book about how life was supposed to be on the British Overseas Territories back in the days Mr Grimble has a good sense of humor and doesn t take himself seriously, which are 2 very important things for me If you want to read a story about those days, buy it and read it Enjoy

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