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A Past Revenge I Wanted You, Danielle, The Moment I Saw You Nicholas Andracas Was Not Only Commissioning Danielle To Paint The Portrait Of His Latest Mistress, He Was Also Boldly Trying To Seduce Her With His Lethal Charm.The Rich And Arrogant Oil Tycoon Didn T Recognize Danielle As The Young Woman Who D Given Herself To Him In Innocence Seven Years Ago To Him She D Been A Mere Diversion, Of Value Only When His Wife Had Initiated Divorce Proceedings.Danielle Longed To Pay Him Back With Interest For The Pain He D Caused Her But She Tried Instead To Keep Him At Arm S Length To Avoid Battling Herself, As Well As Him.

About the Author: Carole Mortimer

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Past Revenge book, this is one of the most wanted Carole Mortimer author readers around the world.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Re A Past Revenge Revenge, one of the pillars of the HP universe Fully one third of the entirety of HPlandia would disappear if it weren t for the persistence of this trope, whether it is the H getting revenge on the h or vice versa, one thing is for sure HPlandia has spawned some of the best revenge inspired emo drama in all of Romance The master of the r

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    Some great reviews here and I don t have much to add Heroine s revenge is great it really was a dish served up cold and it made the hero cry I don t think I could have stomached the ending if he hadn t cried hero was awful at the beginning Because the heroine got to have her catharsis and hero s manhood is now...

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    Have not had a 4 star in a loooong time Epic angst, epic alpha, epic ass hattedness, epic love to hate, epic revenge If you love to hate your heroes, even your heroines, then look no further At 19, Ellie meets the biggest ass hat of eternity at a party of a girl she doesn t like It s love at first sight for her so she goes home with cappello ass They have sex He doesn t dial in to the fact that she s a virgin, just thinks the sex was a li

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    Very intense read with an incredibly strong heroine out for revenge after 7 years My only regret is that the author did such a great job in creating a very shallow, ruthless self centered hero, that I did not believe he was worthy of the heroine He didn t do anything to really re...

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    Absolutely adored the book,liked the plot n most of all really liked the fact the heroin completed the revenge and makes hero pay for his mistakesRecommend it

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    3.5 stars.Everything is good until the last two chapters.Gosh, does she need to forgive him easily like that She doesn t sound like the character I read for the first 8 chapters, another terrible cut needed by the editor Who knows..Anyway, it s a good read, the H crazy about our h and obsessed about her.If you love a total alpha male I bet you will love the way he bahave toward her, until you find out how he treated her when she was only 19 and

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    I hated the hero with passion She really REALLY should have tossed him.He s a guy who uses the services of a prostitute.NOTHING redeemable about him.Any hero who uses paid sex service is basically dead to me.Now the heroine WASNT a prostitute is besides the point.HE DIDNT KNOW THAT He also paid her thinking she s one.I will NOT marry take back a guy like that even if the world peace depended on it.STDs are the least of the concerns However 4 star

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    I m going with 4 stars for the crazy of it all There was this totally clueless hero who couldn t understand that maybe some woman just didn t want him There was a nice heroine who kept saying no until she finally just said F it ...

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    One of the best revenge novels I ve read from a heroine against the hero Maybe I enjoyed this tale of vengeance because I hated the Hero And it really takes a lot for me to hate a H This one was in a class of his own You know, the kind that deserves a nice, long, loving blowjob From a shark.After their initial doomed sexual encounter when she s 19, she meets him 7 years later He finds her irresistible But she s not the same naive fool who blindly fel

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    I adoreeeee this book _

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