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    The twenty first century world we are living in the world of scientific advancements and of radical ideas is still cocooned in plausibilities of the horde These plausibilities are almost always deadened by the conservatism of othering What one section of society decides for the other becomes the scale through which we start meas

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    Transgenders A word makes you uncomfortable When you hear this one thing comes to your mid is the clap When you are in train or in any other place , hear the claps and you turn your head It s annoying you A beggar woman or a old women doesn t make you that much uncomfortable When your male friend speaks in an unusual soft tones you compar

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    A story of the third gender A gift of the goddess Lakshmi is a biography of manobi bandyopadhyay, India s first transgender principal It is a story of a boy named somnath who in reality a female but trapped inside a male body The most important thing which i noticed in this book is the utmost honesty with which manobi described her story from child

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    At times it felt the story was too over the top for me but gradually i started connecting.

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    I picked this book a few hours back and I just couldn t put it down Finished it in a single sitting I am so happy to see such pieces of writing focusing on how transpeople are struggling everyday to define their identity despite many upheavals.It s really sad to look into the lives of the transgenders who do not have access to education, and a quality life because the

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Oh god what a book This has to be the best book I have read till now To start off, it is an candid biography of INDIA S FIRST TRANSGENDER PRINCIPAL MANOBI BANDOPADHAYE Her journey from being a girlish boy to a complete woman has been covered in this book Her struggles with life, both personal and pr

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    It may not be a very well written book, but it surely keeps you interested It gives you a perspective of what life is like for a transgender and their family members Her journey shows that she is like any of us, that at the end of the day her gender is nothing but a check box to be ticked on a form and that does not define who she is One very important take away from this story is that n

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    Keeping aside the literary merit, the story is an eye opener on the still continuing prejudice our society seems to harbor for anything unusual.The biggest takeaway for me, and a victory for the author, is a complete change in outlook towards transgender people Going from ignorance to awareness is the most fundamental step towards any positive change, after all.

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    An interesting read.

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    Meh Badly written Comes across as immature Is a very shallow story and narrated in a hurry.Avoid.

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