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A Dangerous Magic Cute librarian in a small town falls for her fianc s cousin Wilson sneaks in a near rape and a depiction of an abusive man that s restrained and therefore feels authentic than her usual over the top drama.That cover though, amazing illustration but why is the heroine wearing boring clothes that are several sizes too big for her I mean, I know she s in Montana and it s the 90s so yes we all had checked shirts and thought th The Rancher And The LibrarianHe Was Wide Open Spaces, Solitude And Strength The Kind Of Man To Set Women S Hearts Aflutter.She Was A Small Town Girl Who Never Dreamed She D End Up Marrying A Rancher.But If Catrina Thought That Zade Mackensie S Marriage Proposal Was The Answer To Those Dreams, She Was Mistaken Oh, Zade Wanted To Marry Her, All Right He Made No Secret Of The Fact That A Wife Would Make The Ideal Companion On His Montana Ranch But He Didn T Offer Her Love Catrina Loved Zade Enough To Take A Chance On Marrying Him Now All She Had To Do Was Melt His Resistance To Romance. A Dangerous Magic is the story of Zade and Catrina.Firstly, I have to say the blurb was misleading It made it sound like a mail order marriage of convinience story, when in actualty it was the story of cousin rivalry and discovering the delight of magical attraction.As the book starts, we find our h Catrina engaged to a chirpy Gary who has a disapproving mother She finds comfort, but no passion in his arms All changes when Gary s cousin Zade comes to visit him, and stolen glances expose Catrina to the real truth about what happens when there is instant chemistry.Soon Gary s real face is revealed as Cat tries to break the engageme Somebody left a bunch of books on the bench outside the store and they got all wet so that we couldn t do anything with them except throw them away They were still readable, though, so I rescued a few category Romances because i like having something short and feel good on hand for when I need a little reading snack, rather than a full meal But, sadly, this one reminded me of why I tend to avoid category titles the page count is so short that there s not a lot of there there The heroine is a total Mary Sue damsel, because there s not enough time before the end of the book for her to develop into anything There are two and a half antagonists, neither of whom are given either motivation, nor the time to develop into proper villains There are supporting characters who might be interesting, but who just sort of disappear from the story when it s no longer convenient to write about them It ended up frustrati Catrina is engaged to Grag whom she thinks she loves, but can t respond to physically so she thinks herself cold It s the arrival of his cousin, zade, that rids her of this illusion Unfortunately, when she breaks her engagement things get nasty and for her protection she marries Zade For honesty, the story starts and ends so great, but the middle chapters were of a thriller novel than a harlequin s romance Anyw

About the Author: Patricia Wilson

Patricia Wilson b 1929 was a British writer of 53 romance novels in Mills Boon from 1986 to 2004.

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