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A Cobras Charm Jiri S Life Has Been One Misery After The Next A Cobra Shifter, He S Held Captive By A Collector Who Keeps Him And Other Shifters In A Private Harem Style Zoo In The Libyan Desert Considered A Dangerous Predator By The Other Shifters, And Little Than A Boy Toy To The Collector, Jiri Is Friendless, Timid, And Despondent.Miksa Is The Collector S Latest Find But Honey Badgers Are Known For Their Bad Attitude, Fearlessness, And Fighting Spirit Miksa Has No Doubt He Ll Escape, Even If It Means Taking The Whole Zoo Down With Him.When Honey Badger And Cobra Meet, There Should Be Instant Enmity After All, Honey Badgers Eat Cobras Yet Both Men Find Themselves Oddly Drawn To The Other Romance Blossoms, But Can It Survive Captivity And Beyond In Order To Do So, Jiri Will Have To Find A Strength He Doesn T Know He Possesses And Miksa Will Have To Open A Heart Long Closed To Anyone Except His Immediate Family.

About the Author: Meghan Maslow

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Cobras Charm book, this is one of the most wanted Meghan Maslow author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “A Cobras Charm

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    Five Hearts Where are my honey badger lovers at This story by new author Megan Maslow shows why honey badgers are DA SHIT I heard of a honey badger but didn t know of their ferociousness seriously, if you don t know Google it

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    4.5 HeartsI wasn t going to read this one As a matter of fact, I wasn t going to touch it with elbow length heavy duty gloves OR a 10 pole.But Baby was all, it s MAGNIFICENT You must read it And I was all, b b but snakes cries And she was al

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    3.5 Stars Another win for this anthology I applaud the creativity and originality of a cobra shifter and a honey badger mix Jiri is resigned to his fate, having been held prisoner by a shifter collector since he was a child When he sees what his ca

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    That was short and sweet sexy and sooo good The only way I like snakes are dead or behind glass at the zoo but I could totally go for a Jiri and his honey badger Miksa Thanks for the rec SRAL.

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    3.75 stars rounded upI saw Coming Soon titles from Dreamspinner Press page and I was curious with a title from Meghan Maslow, Ride Along Since that is not yet released, I decided to sample her works by choosing this short one from DSP 2016 Daily Dose collection

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    I loved the hell out of this story A honey badger and a cobra That really shouldn t work, but man, it totally did The personalities the author wove for these characters worked perfectly with their animal forms and their human ones It was a seriously creative set up and

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    I m increasingly charmed by each new installment in this year s Dreamspinner Press Daily Dose package The authors have written a variety of paranormal shifter tales with imaginative and creative world building Some have stuck to thestereotypical tropes, while others have bran

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    Interesting take on a slave story, as Demetrius, the collector, only has shifters in his harem He has had Jiri, a cobra shifter, since he was a child, sold into the collection Jiri is the pleasure slave of Demetrius and knows no other life He abhors the collector, the zoo and what h

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    Read as part of the Boy Meets Boy Review Shifter Sunday Funday for Dreamspinner 2016 Daily Dose A Walk on the Wild Side Anthology 4 HeartsTrue story This is the first time I have heard of a honey badger, and I actually had to stop reading to research, because huh So anyway, after finding o

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    3.5 stars Checking out other work by this author Like the previous book I read by this author, the premise and characters in this novella were interesting and unique Yes, there are a lot of stories about shifters, but when have you ever read a story that features a honey badger ...

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