Free ↠ უხილავი ქალაქები By Italo Calvino –

უხილავი ქალაქები 1923 1985.

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    Invisible Cities Imagined Lives Marco Polo was a dreamer He had great ambitions wanting to be a traveller, a writer and a favored courtier He wanted to live in the lap of luxury in his lifetime and in the best illustrated pages of history later But he could only be a dreamer and never muchWas it good enough He never travelled anywhere and spent his life dreaming away in h

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    A five star reviewI hate flying The claustrophobia of it So usually when I return to Italy after visiting London I catch the train to Paris and then the night train to Venice That s my little extravagance I catch the night train to Venice and not Florence for one moment The moment of walking out of the station of Santa Lucia and beholding the Grand Canal I sit on the steps and

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    Heidi Whitman Brain Terrain I have not read Marco Polos s Journeys, but I could imagine what he has written Had I read it, I also would have had to imagine what he had written Same verbs, different tenses.As I am sitting on a bench in front of a museum, waiting for a friend, a family of Italian tourists comes and sits next to me They come from the land of Marco Polo, or maybe not,

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    It s easy to describe what Invisible Cities is not rather than what it is as it s really very difficult to ascertain which category it can be put into it neither has a clear plot nor characters are developed as they normally are, it can t be called a novel or collection of stories, can t be put in any on...

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    Marco Polo Now I shall tell you of the beautiful city of Nottingham where the buildings are made mostly of blue glass, onyx and sausagemeat The men of the city trade in fur, spices and photographs of each other with their respective spouses All the men have large phalluses, sometimes so large they must cut pieces out of the t...

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    Theories.One could easily declare that the protagonists of this book are the cities, which are different versions of the same city that doesn t really exist, only maybe in the writer s mind Either Venice or Paris, Calvino s cities are a trip through imagination to lives never had, doors never opened, people never met.Someone else might appoint the reader as the real protagonist of Calvino s book

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    Image of new and old Shanghai, photographed by Greg Girard in 2000 , chronologically equidistant between my two visits there It is, and maybe always has been, a city of contrasting, unequal, parts and pairs, like many of the Invisible Cities Each man bears in his mind a city made only of differences ListenI ve been eavesdropping on the mysterious, hypnotic conversations between a famous explorer from

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    You landed in my world on a calm, dewy eveningAnd struck was I with a song I was about to sing A song that lay hidden in the silhouettes of each letterThat protruded from the cover, all poised to embitter.But waited I, patiently, under the light of the mundane day You see, Mr Calvino, I had a knack of seeing your way.Fusing the curious with the depth, and peppering them with some humor too All too often, y

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    This is the third book that I have attempted to write a response to this week, and failed I think I am going through a very internal, sponge like phase To say that I haven t been going out much would be a ridiculous understatement I hole up in my bed, finish a book, set it down and grab another almost instantly, comparing the smell of the old to that of the new, then dive straight in, surfacing only rarely for

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    I live in a city, and every day I ride the subway with people who live in different cities Aggressively loud teenagers, exhausted laborers with grimy hands, sparkling skinny women in careful clothes, Michael Cera I don t think they would recognize my city.But we find our city, and our city finds us, right Th...

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