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Quarry for Middlemarch .

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    I m thoroughly embarrassed to admit that this book was first recommended to me by my stalker Subsequently, I avoided MIDDLEMARCH like the plague, because it became associated with this creepy guy who thought the fastest way to my heart was to stare at me, follow me home, an

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    Best Goddamned Book Ever.Seriously, this shit s bananas B A N A N A S 750 pages in, and you re still being surprised It s 800 pages long and EVERY SINGLE PAGE ADVANCES THE PLOT You cannot believe it until you read it This is a writer s book By which I mean, and I say thi...

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    Oh, the slow burn of genius.I always tread lightly when it comes to using the word genius but there is no way around it here.It took me a good 200 pages to fully get into the novel and its ornate 19th century turn of phrase but very quickly, I was so completely spellbound by its inte

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    Page 97 Ugh I m trying, guys, I really am But right now I m about 100 pages into this book, and the thought of getting through the next 700 is making me want to throw myself under a train And I almost never leave a book unread, so this is serious However, since it s on The List, I feel I

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    Some discouragement, some faintness of heart at the new real future which replaces the imaginary, is not unusual, and we do not expect people to be deeply moved by what is not unusual That element of tragedy which lies in the very fact of frequency, has not yet wrought itself into the coar

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    This is the best book ever written, and why would you even think that Who cares It seems like a particularly male thing to do, this categorizing, this ranking When George Eliot introduces Casaubon, a compulsive categorizer who has accomplished nothing of value, it feels like than a character It s

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    1832,1867 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 1830 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

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    I am spoiled at the moment with my literary discoveries I once again enjoyed George Eliot s Middlemarch, a pavement of nearly 1000 pages, a fantastic story of a small village in England where the destinies of several locals meet and where from the very first pages we embark In a great adventure The novel foc

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    If I told you that my obsession with Middlemarch began with a standing KitchenAid mixer, you d expect me to elaborate It started one summer day when I was a teenager My friend had invited me over to her house for a movie night and sleep over Though our families had known each other since before either of our birt

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    Take this for granted Middlemarch will haunt your every waking hour for the duration you spend within its fictional provincial boundaries At extremely odd moments during a day you will be possessed by a fierce urge to open the book and dwell over pages you read last night in an effort to clarify newly arisen do

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